The Racist Diet

I just got back from Nashville where I attended the NSCA Sport-Specific Conference and will write on some of the highlights of the conference during the week. For today I want to talk about the Racist Diet.

Being a racist can simply be defined as an intolerance based on race or colour. No one wants to labelled as such socially, nor with respect to our nutritional habits. What this means is the most effective and nutritionally beneficial diets are the ones that have greatest variety.  They include a complete spectrum of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. We want to choose fish, seafood, poultry and lean cuts of meat for our protein sources and our fruit and vegetable selections should look like a rainbow.

Imagine a piece of pink salmon partnered with a spinach salad, an avocado, some nuts, a tomato, a yellow pepper, dried cranberries and yam fries on the side. Picture all of the colour in this meal. Compare this to having some pasta, with an alfredo sauce, parmesan cheese and some garlic toast. It’s pretty clear which meal option provides the more complete supply of everything our bodies need while limiting that which they don’t.

So the next time you are preparing a meal choose a lean protein and partner it with as much colour, in terms of fruits and vegetables, as possible. And whatever you do, don’t be a food racist.

I’ve got to go. Someone from the FBI wants to talk to me about posting racist content on the internet.



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