Top 5 Reasons the Canucks Made You Fat

If you’re from BC you can’t help but be drawn into the NHL playoffs.

The is the furthest the Canucks have advanced in 17 years. And it’s the only time they’ve gone this far as the President’s Cup Trophy winners ensuring top seeding throughout.

But while making it to the finals has been good for local pub sales and water cooler talk at the office, this long playoff run hasn’t been good for everyone.

Who hasn’t it been good for?

Well, you of course.

Here’re the Top 5 Reasons the Canucks Made You Fat.

Reason #1 – More Time in Front of the TV

Imagine if the Canucks hadn’t made the playoffs at all. There would be between 16 and 28 games you wouldn’t be sitting on your gradually growing backside.

And not just up to 28 games but many with overtime and double overtime. We’re talking about an extra 3-4 hours every couple of nights of plopping down on the sofa to watch other people exerise.

Don’t believe me?

Take a trip to Alberta, as I did last weekend. Those are some fit people that don’t ever have to worry about watching a playoff game.

Reason #2 – Poorer Quality Nutrition

Have you gone out to watch any of the games? Or if you watch them at home, do you have certain foods at-the-ready to make the experience all the more enjoyable?

Of course you do.

Things like spinach salad, with avocados, goat cheese, tomatoes, olives and a light balsamic dressing. And lightly drilled salmon with some asparagus on the side. While washing it all down with a glass a water.

Who doesn’t start thinking playoff hockey after mentioning these foods, right?

Pubs can’t keep them in stock.

Unfortunately, our food selections during a game typically revolve around deep fried, processed, high fat, high sugar, empty nutrition food choices.

But it gets worse with reason #3.

Reason #3 – Mid Week Alcohol

Some workplaces meet up for Friday Beer.  Or others might get together for a birthday or other event.

But during the playoffs it’s not uncommon for pubs to be full on Monday and Wednesday for game nights. And not only are you getting extra calories and zero nutrition but you are also losing a lot of your water. Kind of hard to make great gains in the gym with dehydrated muscles.

And after the Canucks score in OT you’re probably well past your usual bedtime which leads to the next problem.

Reason #4 – Disrupted Sleep 

If you’re in the Year Long Training Program you’ve received my report on Sleep and Fat Loss. If not, let me know and I can get you set up.

The point is that being sleep deprived correlates with higher levels of bodyfat. A couple of key hormones related to sleep and our nutritional habits get thrown a curve ball when we stay up later, don’t get enough sleep and go to bed at varying hours.

Plus, how likely are you to hit the gym and set some PBs in the squat rack on less than optimal sleep? Not very likely.

Reason #5 – Better Weather

Quick question…what month sees the most gym memberships sold?

January. Ok, so maybe that was a bit easy.

But which months are typically the slowest at gyms? The summer months.

And the longer the Canucks are in the playoffs the warmer the weather gets. And the less likely people are to stay indoors when they could be outdoors doing something active.

I realize this last point is a bit of a stretch but I needed something to round out the 5. So cut me some slack, alright? 🙂

Saving Grace?

So is there anything that can be done to both support the Canucks and not only avoid the extra 10-15 playoff pounds but actually lose 5-10?

There is and it’s our Group Fitness Training.

This program is a short, efficient and intense workout that you can complete between 2 and 5 days per week when the games are never on.

Plus you get to do all the training outdoors as the weather gets nicer.

Lastly, you won’t feel any guilt at all as cheer the Canucks all the way to the Cup.

Want details? Here you go.

Dates: June 6- June 30
Times: 6 am or 930 am
Location: Parkinson Rec Centre fields
$149 for 2d/week (Tues/Thurs)
$199 for 3d/week (Mon/Wed/Fri)
$249 for 5 d/week (Mon-Fri) best value

Call today to reserve your spot.

Chris                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ‘always moving forward’

ps…after every Canucks game I will do 10 Turkish get ups for every goal they score at the Group Fitness Training 




8 Responses to Top 5 Reasons the Canucks Made You Fat

  1. Mike Sanborn says:

    What do you mean by ‘Canucks’? Is this something we should also avoid in the states? 🙂

  2. Anny says:

    Hi Chris, you do like to live dangerously! Looking forward to the group training sessions!!!

  3. Charlie says:

    Hi Chris,
    Great movement choice. Most people would pick rudimentary but tiring movements. I think the TGU is one of, if not the best strength, mobility and coordination movements a person could work on especially when done with high quality.

    You had an easy game one with only one goal scored.
    What weight do you plan on doing your get ups with and with a kettlebell, dumbbbell or barbell?

    Take care,


    • Chris says:

      Charlie: Given the goalies for both sides I thought this might be a safe bet. I’ll do them with a kettlebell althoug it’s fun to try different forms of resistance.


  4. charlie says:

    The kettlebell in my opinion is the ideal too for the T.G.U but barbell get up’s are absolutely killer. They do not allow for any sloppiness which I see from most people when they do a get up.

    If you try it with a barbell, start light and make sure you have lots of room to dump the bar if needed!

    Take care,

    • Chris says:

      Hi Charlie: I’m with you on the KB being the best tool for the TGU. You’re right about needing some extra space for a BB though.

      All the best.


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