Spotlight on Mike Lee

Nothing makes us happier as coaches to see one of our clients achieve the results they are seeking. Coach Trevor has been working with Mike Lee over the last year and wanted to share some of his successes.

Take it away Coach Trevor!

Hello! I’d like to present to you Mike Lee.

Mike is a sommelier who recently wrapped up an 8-year career at Quail’s Gate winery. He spent an additional 3 years at Mission Hill prior to Quail’s Gate and originates from the UK. Mike is a skilled golfer who plays about 2 times per week at the Bear and Quail and enjoys his free time cooking and going for walks with his girlfriend Deb. His favourite show is Seinfeld, and he loves a glass of white wine with a side of olives.

Currently, Mike is a part of Fine Vintage Ltd where he gets to share his passion and educate others on how to master the world of wine. There is no question Mike enjoys this culture, but he possesses the same passion for his own health and fitness. He gets himself to the facility 3 times a week with additional days to warm up for golf.

Mike enjoys going to the cabin and getting out for some fishing.

About a year ago Mike had injured his back on the golf course. He wobbled in one day and met with Chris. Together, they were able to relieve the pain and start picking up weights within a month or two. I think this was a turning point for Mike, as he saw results through his commitment and hard work. So where is he now?

Mike is currently eating 5 heads of lettuce every two days and has dropped 25 lbs in the last 5 ½ months. He is moving better than ever and continues to get stronger each week. He’s trapbar deadlifting 215 for 3 reps 225 lbs for 4 reps and jumping on and off boxes. He’s been feeling great on the course and playing some of his cleanest games pain-free. These are just some of the things he’s accomplished.

225 lbs for 4 reps!

Although he’s achieving so much, he finds a way to balance his life between family, recreational activities, golfing, cooking, fitness, and teaching. A few months back, I added some new stretches to Mike’s program, and I still get a kick out of his response each time I ask how it feels. Through all the moaning and groaning I think he’s saying nice things, but it’s tough to tell. And believe me, once Mike found out I was “burger boy” I knew I would hear about it. Mike has been great to work with the past few months and we’re all excited at OPP to see what he can accomplish next.

Keep moving those hips!


Thanks Coach Trevor. That’s a great recap on what he has accomplished with his coaching at OPP. If I were to add a few comments as to what has allowed Mike to have such great success it would include the following:

  • He has a great attendance record. Remember in school when they gave an award for the students that never missed a day of school? Mike would get this award for attendance in the gym. His continued commitment is what helps him get stronger and leaner.
  • He has increased his intensity. Mike started with us after an injury. We made sure to align his posture. Next we looked to increase his mobility and added some core stability to control this new range of motion. Once these were addressed we stepped it up and added some load to the bar and introduced some box jumps and med ball work for power.
  • Mike keeps notes. He is a fan of the expression ‘what matters, gets measured’. While he was seeking a weight loss goal, we kept track of the metrics relevant to this goal.
  • He doesn’t try to be perfect and enjoys the process. Nobody should strive to do all the right things, all of the time. If you like wine, have a glass. Don’t say no the things you love all the time. Find the time and place and control the dose.
  • He has a great attitude. Mike knows as he finishing his last reps of his set I’ll be there to tweak something with the exercise to make it a little harder. And you heard how he refers to Coach Trevor as burger boy. In other words Mike enjoys the banter and the community in the gym. And he’s a big part of it.

As a colleague is fond of saying, ‘achieving a health and fitness goal is simple, but not easy’. Eat a little less. Move a little more. Get to bed on time. Simple, right? But not so easy.

If you’re struggling to achieve the goals you’d like, steal a page out of Mike’s playbook. Success leaves clues. And if you’d like to find out how OPP can customize your plan and support you all the way along, make sure to connect with one of our coaches.



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