Relieve upper back & neck tension

There are certain conditions that effect most of us such as low back pain and upper trap and neck tightness. With respect to the upper back and neck tightness there are a few things we can do to ease some of this strain.
The lower traps and rhomboids help to keep the shoulder blades down and back. As a result of our occupational demands i.e. sitting at a desk, our training programs as well as previous injuries we tend to have shoulders that are in an elevated and forward position. The following drill helps to activate the muscles of the mid and lower traps to help re-align the shoulder to a more optimal position and thus relieve some of the upper back and neck tension. Here’s what you do.

1. Place the heels, hips and head against the wall. The arms are set like goal posts with the elbows just above shoulder height and the entire arm against the wall.

2. From this position pull the elbows down through a comfortable range of motion holding the bottom position for 2 seconds.

3. Do not allow the backs of the wrists to hyper extend and come away from the wall.

4. Do not allow the shoulders to shrug.

5. Do not allow the head to jut forward.

6. Perform 10 repetitions.

This simple drill performed a couple times a day will lead to improved shoulder position and function not to mention less stress and tension through the upper traps and neck.

Have a stress free day.



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