On lifting technique Stalin was wrong

On lifting technique Stalin was wrong

As many of us get started on a new lifting program for 2009 we want to ensure that we are using optimal technique. Not only does this ensure we are in control of the resistance and performing lifts in a safe way, there are also other benefits to consider. These include
developing eccentric strength, which helps prevent injury, and increasing our lean body mass, which burns calories.

Those of you that have trained with us are familiar with a core stabilization drill we perform with a partner. This drill involves following the leader’s hand with your own, with only very soft pressure  and without moving the feet. While it may be difficult to visualize this challenging drill I’ll give you another analogy to help you improve your lifting technique.

Imagine an egg attached to the lowest part of the weight or body that touches at the bottom end of a rep. For example on a push up imagine an egg glued to the chest. Or an a squat imagine an egg attached to the tail bone. Or if performing a biceps curl an egg attached to the bar where it meets the top of the thighs at the bottom of the lift.

If we concentrate on controlling the weight at these key points in the lift we will be on the path for optimal technique. The goal is to gently touch the egg at the transition of these movements without breaking the egg. Our chest should gently graze the floor on the bottom of the push up. The glutes should gently touch a bench beneath us and the bar should lightly rest on the top of the thighs on a biceps curl. Use just enough pressure to imagine touching but not breaking an egg at these transition points to be in total control of the weight with optimal technique.

And so to summarize, Stalin was wrong. You can build your best body ever without breaking some eggs.

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