Louise’s Amazing Transformation!

Hey! How’s it going? It’s Megan here and I’ve got a great success story to share with you.

This story is about Louise Fisher and she has realized some amazing results over the last bit with her training.

You know Louise, right?

She is usually in at the 830 or 930 group classes every day. Louise is very much involved with her business and every other week heads off to Calgary to manage their head office. Besides that she is also a mother of 3, and a grandmother to 2 young boys, which makes the results she has achieved even more impressive.

Now before I get to telling you everything Louise has achieved in a short amount of time I should back up and give you the background.

You see Louise was someone who came in wanting to lose 10 pounds and tone and strengthen her body. Her friend Annette mentioned the first RYJ program to her and asked if she was interested. She was reluctant to try it as it was outside of her comfort zone and, knew she would have to weigh herself.

Maybe you can relate to Louise in sharing these same challenges such as feeling intimidated, stepping outside of your comfort zone with the training, or something else standing in the way of optimal health?

“The biggest obstacle I’ve discovered is myself, I have learned that I can do most of what I set my mind to and if a certain exercise is too hard, or I perceive that it is something I can’t do, I look around the gym and find inspiration with the other ladies working through their own hurdles. It’s very motivating to work as a group and everyone is very encouraging.”

But even though Louise had these challenges before her, she still had the goal of losing weight, losing inches, toning up, and getting stronger and decided to give it her best to achieving success.

What kind of success? Well how about:

  • dropping 32 lbs (when her goal was 10 lbs)
  • shedding 8% body fat
  • losing 11.2 inches overall
  • completely transforming her body, meanwhile still gaining strength especially upper body
Louise before

Louise before

Louise after

Louise after












I think I was most proud of Louise when we finally got to test some of her lifts, and I could not only see the dramatic changes to her body but see how much stronger she had become. And it’s funny from that point on I noticed a difference in how she carried herself, how much she smiled, how much more outgoing she became and the overall difference this had on her, especially in her workouts.


Louise before

Louise before

Louise after

Louise after












And so I had to ask Louise when she was first aware of these positive changes? And what did she think had the largest impact on these changes.

She said, “I finally clued in that this is a lifestyle change and not a six or eight week program, that helped me focus on eating to properly fuel my body. The instruction at the gym is great, Kayla, Megan, Chris and Graeme really take the time to explain the exercise and push you out of your comfort zone, this really helped me achieve the results that I’ve been looking for. I feel better than I have in years, it’s never too late to change something about yourself or improve your fitness or nutrition level. I am excited to build on the results I’ve achieved and look forward to setting more goals for myself….power lifting for women? Sign me up!”

I am so proud of Louise for achieving an all over body and lifestyle transformation. While these are impressive results they are available to anyone who sets their mind to achieving success and then gives it their all.

Way to go Louise! We are all proud of you and can’t wait to see what more you can achieve.

All the best,


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