A Day at Okanagan Peak Performance

Often times people will stop in to our facility and ask what it is we do. They already have some idea because the signage out front identifies us as an athletic training facility and through the mindows they can see some of the equipment.

But while there will be some pieces of equipment they will recognize there will also be some items which are foreign to them. For example, for what do we use the big wooden platforms are the floor? And what is the bench back by the med balls? And lastly why do you have a big tractor tire?

And that’s just trying to figure out the equipment. Imagine trying to make sense of the various types of training that goes on.

Whereas most fitness centres are slower in the summer we are the opposite. Summer is the time winter sport athletes have an off-season. And it’s also the time student athletes are home for the summer and can make gains with their training. And summer is when we run our youth fitness training camps.

So when you add all of these to the mix it can make for a busy place. Take a look at the following video to see what I mean.

Let me walk you through everything that’s going on here.

The first thing you’ll see is a client foam rolling before a training session. This is something we have all our clients do before training to release any knots or trigger points.

Next the shot shows Matt and Jordy doing a powerlifting session. Matt is doing deadlifts on the platform and Jordy is doing presses beside him.

All the way in the back corner you’ll see someone in a Group Fitness session performing a hip mobility drill at the squat rack. This involves stepping over the side of the squat rack and then squatting down and under the bar on the squat rack.

On the other side of the gym floor there are more people taking part in the Group Fitness workout as well as a couple of hockey players doing conditioning drills on the slideboard and a client finishing up his training session with a ride on the Airdyne.

And besides treadmills there are a few other things you won’t notice at our training facility.

Nobody is sitting or standing idle. Everyone is either actively involved in a set or is on a rest break. But you don’t see the typical group of people hanging around the water fountain talking for 3-5 minutes between each set.

And I don’t just mean the clients. The coaches are actively involved in each training session, demonstrating, cueing, spotting and correcting movements.

You also don’t see anyone on their cell phone. If you have an urgent call to take that’s fine. Step outside and attend to your business. But you won’t see people just casually riding the bike while on the phone. And you won’t see people sending texts in between sets.

Actually there are a couple of times you’ll see people using their cells phones while training. And that’s to set up an interval timer so they keep their rest breaks to the prescribed duration.

So yeah I guess you could say we’re as different from other gyms as you could possibly be. We have the best clients anywhere and have a great staff that are personally invested in seeing them achieve the best results in the least amount of time.

Okanagan Peak Performance Inc.



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  1. Greg says:

    I went into 2 local fitness facilities yesterday to observe. The first one asked me to leave when the class started and the second had the coach watching his cell phone more than his clients. This lead to one getting stuck under the bar when needing a spot and having to call out for help. In addition, equipment was being used for purposes they weren’t designed for and it was a little scary.

    Chris and crew are extremely professional when it comes to operating the facility with both (un)common sense and, more importantly, to the highest levels of industry standards.

    One more reason I choose to associate myself with them!


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