Is Your Fitness Harder Than it Needs to Be?

I like it when things happen naturally.

I like it when we don’t have to force things or go too far away from what is natural for us.

But don’t get me wrong…I believe there are huge benefits to stepping outside of our comfort zone. Because this is when we learn, adapt, grow and ultimately improve.

There is a natural flow for each of us when it comes to health, fitness and nutrition, especially if you constantly look for More Info about this.

Think about it this way.

We all have different body types. Some of us are ectomorphs and can never seem to gain a pound. Others are endomorphs and gain weight just by watching a fast food commercial on tv. And then there are the mesomorphs who seem to be able to eat what they want and maintain the same weight. Or they can step into any sport after an absence and make it look natural.

Yeah that’s right…we hate the mesomorphs haha.

But seriously though there are certain aspects of our physiology that are hard-wired into who we are.

The ectomorph is going to have difficulty moving heavy external load but will be able to move themselves quick easily.

The endomorph has trouble with movement based-exercises but can do quite well with applying resistance to a barbell or a dumbbell.

And the same goes with nutrition in a sense.

Some of us are going to have cravings for salt and others for sweet. Usually this is established from our first few years. If we are constantly fed cereals, grains and seeds as an infant we will have more of a taste for carbohydrates than if we weren’t fed these foods.

There is a similar condition with our sleep cycles. While we are all circadian beings that are in sync with the rising and setting of the sun we will find our optimal times of the day will be unique.

Some people will find early AM workouts are when they get in their most intense, efficient and productive workouts.

Others know there is no way they can perform physically in the mornings and need at least a couple of cups of coffee to get going.

So what’s the solution?

Well you should know your body type. And you know what your cravings are. As well you know what time of day you are most productive in the gym.

What you should do is structure your life to optimize the conditions that support you when your training would be the best.

And for the conditions that work against you being at your best look to have contingencies in place to guard against these taking over.

For example if you know AM workouts are your best and you are an ectomorph you should:
* plan your day to allow for an AM workout
* design a resistance-based workout that allows you to keep moving and thus suits your body type
* have enough nutrients on hand to curb hunger and cravings before they set in

Similarly if you are an endomorph that prefers later workouts you should:
* bring your workout gear to school or the office to allow you to skip away briefly for an afternoon workout
* follow a resisted-based workout that is more based on the load lifted rather than the amount of movement
* fuel up more through the AM so as to not over eat after your PM workout

These are a few suggestions to get you in sync with who you are, get the best results and not feel like you’re fighting your natural tendancies.

Because the truth is the 300 lbs guy is not built for running marathons.

And the 150 lbs guy is not built for strong man competitions.

Go with what works best for you and switch it up once in a while.

Chris ‘always moving forward’



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