Personal Trainer Gains 80 lbs!

Last week one of our training clients put me on to an interesting story.

Jarrod T. asked me if I had heard about a guy down south who was in the process of gaining 70 lbs. And I thought ‘big deal, there are millions of people doing that every year’.

But this is different.

Because this is a guy who is a personal trainer. And who is 6’2″ and 190 lbs. Or I should say ‘was’ 190 lbs.

And he worked with clients who would have difficulty losing weight. And as a fit personal trainer he couldn’t really relate to the challenges these clients faced. He didn’t know what the cravings for cheat foods were like. He couldn’t understand how out of breath they become from minimal amounts of effort. And he couldn’t feel the pain that exists in joints that are bearing more load than they should with less assistance from muscles.

So he decided to become one of them. Meaning one of his obese clients. And he’s doing this for two reasons.

1. He wants to show people the step-by-step process to losing weight.

What should you eat? When should you eat it? How much should you eat? And with training he wants to let them see what his workouts look like.

He’s pulling back the curtain to see what he will do to get back to his former fit self.

2. The other reason to do this is to give people hope.

I don’t think any fitness professional would do this if they didn’t think they get back to their original shape and fitness. I mean it’s one thing to sacrifice your body temporarily to see what it’s like and to ‘walk in your clients shoes’ for 6 months. It’s something completely different to stay in this poor state of health permanently.

Can he get to his former self in 6 months?

Absolutely. I think there a number of reasons he can achieve his previous body.

1. He’s already been there.

There’s a certain amount of value to being somewhere before. We feel confident and knowledgeable. This mental advantage is huge compared to someone that has never experienced this before.

Consider finances.

Ask any multi-millionaire if it was harder to make their first million or every one after that? Most will say the first was the hardest.

After that they know how to get there. They know where to be more efficient and save time and efforts. They know what has worked in the past and can repeat these steps. And they know what tripped them up previously and to avoid repeating these mistakes.

2. Public goals can hold us very accountable.

If a young girl who was engaged wanted to get in shape for her wedding, how serious do you think she might be about achieving her goal?

A specific date has been set. There is a special dress to fit into. Many people will come to attend and witness this event. And there maybe even be a camera or two plus some type of video camera to record the event.

What do you think the young girl’s resolve will be to achieve this goal? Off the charts is what I’ve noticed with ones I’ve worked with.

In the same way this guy had made this goal very public. He set specific numbers in terms of scale weight, body fat and tape measures. And there is a timeline to achieve the end goal. Chances are pretty good he’ll reach his goal.

3. There is huge social support.

If you check out this guy’s website you’ll notice it has gone viral. The pages on his site take a while to load due to the number of visitors to his page. He’s even booked to be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. And he gets lots of comments on his blog.

This last point is huge. If we don’t have people supporting us in what we are trying to do, it  is that much harder to do.

And the more challenging the task the more important it is to have social support. As well, it is vital to have the people closest to us be supportive of our goal(s). For example, with our 1/2 Marathon program we do as much of the training as we can in groups.

But with this guy’s blog you’ll notice he gets a huge number of comments after a blog post. The most recent one has 549 comments! I think my best ever got 20.

While not everyone out there is supportive of his goal, as there is always a negative person in every group, there is a lot of positive support for this guy.

Imagine what it would be like if everyday somebody told you they supported what you were trying to do? If they told you they believed in you? If they thanked you for what you were doing?

Do you think this might inspire you to make sure you achieve your goal?

Absolutely it would!


The guy taking this challenge is definitely a bigger guy than I am (pun intended). And I thank him for doing this. Hopefully there are a number of lessons we can learn from this experiment and apply to do a better job ourselves.




2 Responses to Personal Trainer Gains 80 lbs!

  1. Dov Schafer says:

    fit guys gaining weight on purpose is fascinating to people for some reason. Think back to Supersize Me for more evidence on how this kind of thing can become so popular.
    Any time I see someone has put on a lot of weight for a movie role, I can’t help but want to see and wonder what sort of goal must be so valuable that someone is willing to throw away what I have worked so hard to get.
    I think it is cool that this might inspire a few people to really believe weightloss is possible and not just a hallucination of capitalism.

    • Chris says:

      Dov: I agree with you. There is definitely a fascination in watching the whole process.

      All the best,


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