Girls Can Lift Heavy & Get Lean

I have the coolest job in the world. Why? Because I get to come in contact and with some pretty amazing people such as yourselves. And I get the best seat to oversee all the amazing changes that happen to you when you commit to intense, repeated efforts.

It’s even better than that actually because not only do I get the best view of the changes that are happening, while they are happening and I know the magnitude of the changes.

Consider Jordy’s story.

Now before you go and look at her picture and think she is some sweet Abercrombie and Fitch model or something don’t be fooled.

Don’t get me wrong. Jordy is definitely a very sweet girl, mature well beyond her years and destined for great things.

If this were the 80’s she could very easily be a Eastern block spy with all the skills and strength she has.

But I’ll step aside her and let Jordy tell you her story. Take it away Jordy…

I was a competitive gymnast for 9 years, training 23.5 hours per week. I started when I was 7 years old and had great success with the sport. The sport however is incredibly demanding on the body. It taught me discipline, focus, and drive. While I was training and competing my fitness level was very good, however the injuries began to take there toll on my body.

I eventually had to leave the sport as a result of injuries to my back, knees, ankles and fingers. Leaving the sport was very difficult and I had to find a new way to keep my fitness level up and retrain my body to function without the physical demands of gymnastics. I struggled for a good 6 months, my eating was not healthy, I was over exercising and losing weight very quickly.

I lost 15 lbs from when I quit competing to when I finally found Chris through a Pacific Sport Camp. At that camp, I remember Chris being HUGE (muscular) and very professional with his teachings. That camp was in August, 2009. I knew that I needed to have some guidance and Chris was an incredibly useful tool in getting me back on track.

I then met with Chris again in January, 2010. We met for a physical assessment and his encouraging, positive attitude opened the door to where I am now. I was a little overwhelmed with the gains I know I needed to make however, Chris at no point seemed doubtful in my success. I believe that his encouraging, positive attitude has been the key to my success.

National Level Competitive Gymnast:

• Highest vault score in Canada when I was 13 years old.
• Competed in International and medaled in International Competitions
• Member of Team BC
• Competed in BC Winter Games
• Pacific Sport Carded Athlete
• Top Gymnast in my age category for the 9 years that I competed

Club and Be

ach Volleyball:

• Kelowna Club Volleyball member for 2 years
• Competed in the BC Summer Games
• 2 seasons of Beach Volleyball winning the Penticton Open Tournament in 2009



• Lake Country Youth Soccer Association since I was 4 to present
• Our team has either won the title or been in the final game for Kelowna Cup for 11 years

When I started out with Chris in January, 2010, I first took my body measurements in March 2010. They were:

Chest (cm): 79
Waist (cm): 64
Hips (cm): 76
Arm (left): 21 cm (right) 20 cm
Leg (left): 43 cm (right) 43.5 cm
Weight: 98 lbs
Height: 5’5

Measurements now for March 2011:

Chest (cm): 86.5
Waist (cm): 67.5
Hips (cm): 86
Arms (left): 23.5 cm (right) 24 cm
Leg (left): 47 cm (right) 47 cm
Weight: 112 lbs
Height: 5’5

As you can see the gains have been phenomenal!!!! I trained with Chris on April 14, 2011, for testing of my lifts.

Deadlift: 225 lbs
Front squat/Split squat: 8-10 reps 135 lbs
Bench press: 85 lbs


Since I have been training with Chris for the past year, my body mass, strength, nutrition, sleep and overall well-being has been totally positive! I feel that Chris was a positive, pivotal point in helping me to get back on the right track, emotionally, physically and psychologically. I look forward to my training sessions with Chris and his ongoing guidance through email and texting and training 🙂 He is readily available all the time, no matter what my questions or needs may be! I know I am on the right track and am in the process of pursuing a career in Human Kinetics hoping to be a Personal Trainer and having Chris as my mentor!

Way to go Jordy!

There are a number of takeaways from this story including:

* girls & women can add muscle mass (14 lbs in this case!) and still look very feminine

* girls & women can lift heavy weights without getting bulky!

* strength training can improve your flexibility and range of motion!

Congrats Jordy! Great results after one year and the best is yet to come!

Chris                                                                                                                                                                         ‘always moving forward’



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