Okanagan Peak Performance Inc. Superheroes

Hi everybody, Matt here again. Hope you’re doing well. Now I know what you all are thinking…what kind of dietary horror story will he be entertaining us with in this blog installment? Cake? Cookies? There surely must be an endless list…

Well, not this time. Unfortunately the tales of my culinary escapades will have to wait, as this week I would like to tell you about something far more important: my fantastic colleagues at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc.

I feel so fortunate to be able to go to work each day and be surrounded by a bunch of hardworking, friendly and knowledgeable people. Yes, I am talking of course, about Chris, Megan and Jordy.

Chris, our fearless leader, with his unparalled patience and knowledge is always on hand to answer my many, many questions, and more importantly has become a mentor and a guiding force as I progress along my career path. If this were a Batman movie, Chris would be the wise, ever-present and much- loved Alfred.

Let us not forget about the intrepid duo of Megan and Jordy. Once again, in movie terms, these girls would be the Batman and Robin of Okanagan Peak Performance Inc. These two superheroes work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the gym is maintained and running smoothly. Did I also mention that they are both wicked smart and extremely kind? They are the heart and soul of Okanagan Peak Performance Inc., much like Batman and Robin are the wardens of the fictional Gotham city. It is truly a pleasure to work alongside such gifted trainers and altogether fantastic people.

And so, while I could tell you how many sushi rolls I devoured at an All You Can Eat Japanese food restaurant (and I will), I thought it more important to tell you about the wonderful people who make my working day a fun, exciting and rewarding experience.

Now, what about you? Who is your fearless leader and intrepid duo? Do they inspire you to greater heights? Do they motivate and push you to be the best you can be? Post a reply to this post and tell me about your team!

Chris here…I thought I should jump and let you know a little bit about Matt as we know him behind the scenes. The guy is early for all his shifts. He asks questions and goes over all programs ahead of time to make sure he has every detail covered. And when there is a spare moment he is quick to clean the gym and set up for the next appointments.

So what superhero would Matt be? Well I don’t know if there are suitable good guys left from Batman? But there must be a superhero who is smart, always means to do well and ends up surprising others with his abilities.

Of course there is. Matt is Spiderman.




5 Responses to Okanagan Peak Performance Inc. Superheroes

  1. Gretchen says:

    All of you are my super heros! Coming to the gym is my favorite part of the day! Thanks for making it so. Gretchen

    • Chris says:

      Thank you Gretchen! We love the fact that training with us is your favourite part of the day.

      Keep training hard.

      Okanagan Peak Performance Inc.

  2. Anny says:

    To all at Okanagan Peak Performance….to me you are all mentors, inspirational leaders and the time I spend there is the makes my day! Individually – Chris, I have gotten to know you not just as someone who inspires me, but someone who makes me want to be a better person inside and out in all aspects of my life.
    Meghan – your strength, your amazing sense of humor and that gorgeou smile all wrapped up in this brilliant -motivated woman. I always look forward to a “mean Meghan” workout simply becuase I enjoy spending the time with you. To Matt, it has been really awesome watching your confidence level soar! Your gentle “hints” and “corrections” are much appreciated as is the effort and dedication you put into our group sessions! Always lots of fun when your around! Jordy – I have not spent the time with you as I have the others but it is plain to see what a wonderul young woman you are! To already have the motivation, the passion and the focus you now have…all I have to say is “world look out”!! Just so you know, I do realize all these kind words are NOT going to get me off the hook for burpies and other such torture and for that I say thank you! That is one of the many reasons I love OPP!!! P.S. I will watch for the prowler in the downtown area!! Yikes….who would steal a prowler?????

    • Chris says:

      Anny! Very kind words. And you’re right they won’t get you off the hook from any burpees or prowler work!

      Yours in health,

      Okanagan Peak Performance Inc.

  3. Matt Baumeister says:

    So great to see such great comments everyone! It is a pleasure to be part of such an awesome team!

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