Father’s Day Specific Workout

It’s Father’s Day weekend. And I now have a small appreciation for all the things that dad’s do for us.

But although many may think their dad’s are superheroes the truth is they’re not and it may take some effort and training to be able to do all the things that dad’s do so well.

What kinds of things dad’s do for us?

Well have about the following?
* mowing the lawn
* carrying kids around on their shoulders
* reaching up to change light bulbs in the high places
* cracking the whip to get kids going
* repairing things
* tending the BBQ
* kills bugs

Now I don’t mean to be sexist because we all know many women can do these jobs as well as women. And in many households I’m sure it’s the women who take care of most of the items on this list.

And I didn’t include managing the remote for the TV because that goes without saying that this obviously a dad’s job. Ok now I’m being sexist.

But since we know our dad’s are regular people they would therefore need to a training program to allow them to do all of these tasks as efficiently as possible.

Check out the video below for the Father Day’s Workout to ensure everything dad does for trained for properly.

What did you think? Pretty good workout isn’t it?

We have some upperbody pulling and some whole body extension. There’s some lowerbody and rotation. It includes a metabolic element and a drill that draws on the core. Lastly there is an exercise for the shoulders and finishes with a hip mobility drill. A little bit of everything to cover all dad’s bases.

Do me a favour and share this with your dad. And if you are a dad give it a try yourself. If you’re not sure how you’ll do start slowly, use bodyweight, adjust range of motion and scale back as necessary.

Most importantly though is to connect with your dad in some way this week and let him know you couldn’t have gotten to where you are with out him.




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