Don’t Make Things Harder Than They Need To Be

Have you ever been in a situation where looking back you realized there was an easier way? Maybe it wasn’t even yourself but someone else you noticed putting in all the effort and simply spinning their wheels, making little forward progress.

I know I’m guilty of that.

For example, it was only at the end of 2017 that we switched all of our programming to a digital platform and started using an app. Before that it was manually creating each program by hand, on paper, which could tend to get lost, then entering the program onto the computer, usually using an excel spreadsheet, where different coaches would create different templates for programming, then searching to find the saved program on the computer in order print the program and then file it in a program binder. Not to mention programs can get lost or filed under the wrong name making it hard to coach a client without their program.

Obviously our programming writing department was broken. And I owned that and fixed it by investing in the new app.

But all the way along a friend and client, LM, would politely suggest and recommend I look into a digital platform for this function. And his background was tech. He knew better than anyone how much better this would make everything we do if we would simply make the switch.

I’m so glad we did and feeling a little bit foolish for having taken so long.

What about you?

Are there areas of your health and fitness where you aren’t be as smart or efficient as possible? Are you making things harder than they need to be? While you think about your answer I’ve got another one to share.

And this one involves cycling.

I’ve been told by cyclists much better than myself, including 10x Tour de France rider Axel Merckx, that it’s easier to stay with a pack that’s faster than your usual pace, than it is to lead a slower pack.

And although my ears work fine, and I understand English, I was slow to take his advice. In fondos and on group rides would not give consideration to my position in the pack. Was I at the front, middle or back of the pack? And as well, I was not paying attention to what was going on with the ride. For example, was a short sprint coming up? Would we be climbing for a bit? Would the pace relax? Would there be a rest place coming up to regroup?

What I normally experience on a group ride...if we all reversed directions.

What I normally experience on a group ride…       if we all reversed directions.

I was ignoring all of these details and simply riding. And making it much harder on myself. If you’re a rider you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, just know that this means you could be working much harder than the group and falling further behind.

So back to you…

Where are you working harder but not smarter?

Where are you not being efficient?

Where could you use tech to get an advantage?

Let me give you a few examples to plant the seed and then you can look to make changes if results really matter to you.

With your training do you do as much as possible? And then look to do more? If you’re already doing 5 days per week than 6 might not give you a better result. If you’re doing 60 minute sessions than 90 minutes may not help either.

If we look at your nutrition are you eating enough? Sometimes with a fat loss goal people can over-react and cut calories too much. Are you eating enough to fuel your workouts? To recover adequately? To maintain health?

Do you accept help when it is offered? I was slow to accept LM’s suggestion to incorporate tech into the business. Has a coach recommended you do something and you’re not? Has a medical professional suggested you make a change but you haven’t? Maybe it’s not even from a professional but an offer from a friend or family member that you turn down.

You don’t get bonus points on your results, or lack of, for being a martyr. Take the help, advice and assistance when it is offered to you. Look to see where you could make things better by being smarter with your approach. And then tech leaders and Tour de France cyclists give you advice you take it.





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