10 Tips For Workouts In Cold Weather

Some of you may have heard these tips yesterday on AM 1150 with Jessica Samuels. Even if you did catch the program here they are again for your future reference. These last few days we have had some new records for low temperatures. Many people enjoy getting their exercise outdoors and would like to continue doing so. With that in mind here are 10 Tips For Workouts In Cold Weather.

1. Dress in layers using performance gear. By performance gear I mean the materials that wick moisture away from the body. If we get cold it’s one thing but if you get wet you have to have to call it a day and get indoors.

2. Consider your footing. You may need to wear different shoes for your winter runs or activities and run on the shoulders of roads rather than the areas that are compacted but potentially ice covered. There are a melange of shoes you can check out at shoe hero.

3. Head out going into the wind. If you do a traditional out-and-back workout it’s always better to have the wind at your back for the home stretch. This is especially true for your first workouts outdoors and for when the weather turns worse during your workout.

4. Consider mid-day workouts. There is less light early in the morning and in the early evening. To ensure you are easily spotted by other traffic consider training at the time of day when light is not an issue.

5. Warm up indoors. Perform a dynamic warm, jump on a stationary bike, jump rope or do something indoors to warm up before heading straight out into the cold.

6. Wear sunscreen. We usually don’t think if this one because it’s not summer but the fact remains you are still being exposed to UV radiation compounded by the reflection off the snow.

7. Stay hydrated. This one is huge. Warm air holds more water than cold air. So in the winter the relative humidity will be less than it is in the summer and our tissues will lose more water during our winter workouts. Make sure to hydrate before and bring water for the workout.

8. Cover the extremities. Ensure the hands, feet, nose and ears are warm and well coverered. Since our vessels constrict in cold weather there is a greater need to stay warm at the extremities of the body.

9. Consider wind chill. A forecast of -10 C may feel like -25 C when you factor in the wind chill. Dress according to how you will feel with the wind in mind.

10. Shorten your steps to stay on your feet. When you anticipate a slippery section or the grade is about to change you should shorten your stride. As we move with a shorter stride we maintain our feet under our base of support and lessen the chance of falling.

Keep these tips in mind this winter for safe and productive outdoor workouts.



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