Launch of Fall Youth Fitness Training

This summer was one of the best in terms of our Youth Fitness Training.
It is so much fun to work with young athletes that have boundless amounts of energy and work hard for you.
These training camps keep getting better and better. To put it in perspective last year we had 3 athletes out and this year we had 22!
What is the secret to our success?
We make sure to design a well thought out and periodized training program with an emphasis on fun. Take for example the last day which consisted of a number of games, relays, tug of war battles and ‘Simon Says’. The only thing missing was a slip and slide and I’m already on it to make sure we have one for next year.

Tug of War was always a favourite


And we finished it all off with some awards and pictures which I have emailed to the parents. If your son or daughter participated but you didn’t receive the photos let me know and I’ll ge those to you.


Now some people might think this wasn’t very productive with all the fun and games that were going on.

Far from it!

As coaches we noticed definite improvements in posture and core stability. We observed ideal technique on basic squatting, hinging and pressing movement patterns. There was a dramatic change for the better in the ability to reduce speed, control movement and change direction.

In a way it kind of felt like Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid where we had the athletes perform particular drills as part of a game which later resulted in improved athletic performance.


 And while we observed and recorded all these benefits, we are going to be changing the way we are doing things with our Youth Fitness Training. We are going to be employing a new model of training that is geared more towards long term athletic development. A model that is more specific to the individual rather than generic goals. And a model that rewards the process and the establishment of positive habits rather than the immediate goal.

With that in mind I want to announce our Fall 2011 Youth Fitness Training will be starting up next week September 12, 2011.

Unless the weather allows us to be outdoors the training will be at our facility at 1511 Sutherland Ave.



Stick that landing!



1 day per week $47/month

2 days per week $87/month

At a little over $9 per session we expect this fill up quickly.

To reserve your spot stop by our training facility at 1511 Sutherland Ave and lock up your spot today.


ps…a very special thank you to Kayla, Megan and Jordy for doing an awesome job with the Youth Fitness Training this summer!

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