The Potential Within

Have you ever wondered if you could do something extraordinary with your health and fitness? Or maybe you watched an impressive feat or display of athleticism and wondered what that must be like?

For example whenever the Olympics roll around there are some many uplifting stories that cause us to stop and be amazed at what the human body can do.

Recently, Jens Voigt of Germany set a new standard for the most distance covered in one hour at a velodrome in Switzerland. Voigt rode 51.115 km beating the previous best by 1.4 km. And because Voigt is 43 there is still hope for me.

Jens Voigt starting out.

Jens Voigt starting out.

Over 51 km an for a solid hour! If you ride you can appreciate how fast that is. And if you don’t ride borrow a friends bike with a cycling computer and see how fast you can go for 30 seconds. Just try it. I’ll wait.

I’m guessing for 99% of people the speed wouldn’t go above 40 km an hour for those seconds. Now imagine going over 25% faster. And now image holding that speed for an entire minute. And now imagine holding that pace for 60 minutes.

But the other freaky thing about this speed is that it is an average speed. In another words his top speed would be above 51.115 km per hour because he started from a dead stop i.e. speed equals zero and because through the middle section he may have hovered just under 51 km/h. So he had to hit speeds above 51 in order to average 51 km.

Now that someone has cracked the 50 km barrier it won’t be long before others improve upon this mark and keep pushing the standard higher. Because sometimes all we have to know is that it’s possible. Seeing others succeed lends to our own success.

Consider Roger Bannister and his attempt to run a sub four minute mile. He tried and tried for years without success. Some ‘experts’ had even calculated that it was physically impossible for a human to run under 4 minutes for this distance. And yet once he was able to accomplish this feat four others were able to do the same by the end of the following year.

This might not seem like much by consider one person trying repeatedly to achieve something and failing. This pattern repeats over the years. But then once this person is able to do it a total of five can do it as well.

Now imagine how this works with our health and fitness. When one of our popular coaches, Jordy, trains for the deadlift she uses loads nearing 300 lbs. In training.

JordyOPP MeganOPP

Within a year of training in the same environment Megan, another one of our great coaches, went from missing a 195 lbs deadlift in a competition to training with 275 lbs for reps in training.

We didn’t alter Megan’s lifting style. We didn’t put her on a new super supplement. We didn’t change anything about the way she lifts and trains. She simply saw what another was capable of and probably thought ‘why not me?’.

As we get ready for round two of Rock Your Jeans there will be some people wondering:

‘Can I do this?’

‘Is this going to be too advanced for me?’

‘Can I achieve my goal?’

Well the short answer is ‘yes’ absolutely you can. And I know this because you will be training alongside people who lost 31 pounds the last time we ran this program. You will train beside people who went from a size 8 jeans to a size 3. And you will be going through the program with people who lost 14 inches off their bodies in 8 short weeks.

So the question isn’t a matter of whether or not you can. The question instead is ‘how far can you go?’


The next round of Rock Your Jeans starts October 14. Make sure to call or stop in today to book your spot.

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