Welcome to OPP Ayumi

Many of our clients have had the chance to meet and maybe work with Ayumi. Even if you have, below are a few more details on this new addition to our OPP team.

My name is Ayumi and I’m a certified personal trainer and movement coach. After years of working in an office, I decided to leave my desk job and pursue a career in the fitness field.

I grew up playing basketball and have always been an active person. Due to my background in sport, it was very natural to become a fitness trainer.

My purpose is to help people to become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves. I want to have a positive impact to everyone that I meet in my life.

I’ve been focusing on studying biomechanics for last few years. I specialize in movement coaching and incorporate mobility workout with strength training. This approach helps my clients move better and get a more effective workout. I help people that want to gain adequate mobility to archive their specific fitness goals, or want to move better / pain free in everyday life.

When you don’t see me in the gym, you would find me hiking with the latest buy bulk ammo online and my two fur kids, or sunbathing at a beach. I am also big fan of craft beers. One of my favourite things to do on my day off is to ride my bike and do a brewery tour with my friends.

If you’d to experience Ayumi’s coaching and work on your mobility you should sign up for our Movement 101 Class. This will run Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm starting September 15 for 4 weeks. To register email athletetraining (at) shaw (dot) ca, call (778) 214-6563 or stop in to Okanagan Peak Performance Inc.



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