Welcome Jane – The New OPP Coach

You may have noticed a new addition to the team at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc. And that would be Jane. 


Jane comes to us via Australia where she recently completed her Master’s degree in Melbourne. But besides her schooling and travels we also learned something new about Jane the other day.

A motorbike rolled into the parking lot at OPP. Not a Harley but more of a crotch-rocket style bike. Anyways, after the bike was parked and turned off the rider pulled off their helmet. It was only then that we realized the rider was Jane and her coolness factor jumped up a few points.

But that rather than have me tell you all the fun and cool facts about Jane I’ll step aside and let her take it from here.

Hi everyone, I’m Jane and I’m returning to live and work in Kelowna as a coach at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc! Originally, I’m from South Africa, then moved to Alberta, and then moved to Kelowna to attend UBC-O for my Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree. After my bachelor’s degree, I completed my certified personal training license and became a kinesiologist. From there I wanted to learn more about working with clinical populations using exercise as medicine, so I ventured to Australia to complete my master’s degree of Clinical Exercise Physiology before moving back to Kelowna.

I enjoy working with all types of clients, including those who can benefits from exercise to help manage and treat chronic conditions, injuries, or just want to improve health and fitness. I specialize in working with clients that have health conditions such as metabolic, neurological, mental health, heart and lung conditions, as well as those with cancer, chronic pain, and women’s health (such as pregnancy, post-natal, menopause). I believe that exercise is medicine, and everyone should have the opportunity to improve their lives through being physically active in whatever way they enjoy the most! I am very keen to help each person find their ideal exercise or activity that suits their goals, function, and enjoyment, and I cannot wait to meet and work with every person that walks through the gym’s doors!

Outside of work, I love to be outdoors and hike, camp, run, kayak, snowboard and snowshoe with friends, family, and pets. When not spending time outside, I enjoy gym workouts and yoga! I also try to travel as much as I can and will always be keen to discuss your past or future travel plans during your workouts! Since I have been away from Kelowna for a bit, I am open to any suggestions for fun things to do, so please feel free to come chat. I look forward to working with each of you!

It’s Chris here again.

We’re looking forward to learning some of the more important details about Jane. Things like how she takes her coffee, her favourite Seinfeld episode and Oasis v Coldplay.

Welcome aboard Jane. It’s great to have you join us and we’re excited for our clients to connect with you.



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