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Do you take supplements? This could be anything from an omega-3 or a multi-vitamin to taking a creatine, beta alanine or a protein supplement.

I’m always curious about the people who don’t take supplements? I try and think of all the reasons someone might say ‘no thanks, not for me’. And really this comes down to people who are at the peak of their health or fitness, who don’t recognize the benefits or who don’t have the financial means to do so. Let’s look at each of these.

Excuse #1 – I’m in the best shape of my life already

If you asked most people ‘are you in the best shape of your life’ very few would say yes. And those that would say yes may still have untapped potential depending on what they’ve already achieved with their training. For example, someone may have lived most of their life as an obese person and now would consider themselves the healthiest they’ve ever been. But there is still room for them to improve and realize more gains.

Excuse #2 – Skeptic of the science

As for the skeptic that doesn’t believe supplements work, they may have had a bad experience with a previous supplement. But there is more and more research evidence that certain metabolites, such as omega-3 and creatine for example, offer health and performance benefits. To deny the benefits means refuting science. And there will always be some people that deny science and research. Consider the fact that there is a Flat Earth Society shows how some people will always refute the truth.

Excuse #3 – Supplements are expensive

And when you consider the argument that supplements are expensive this may be true depending on what an individuals buys and how they use it. On the other hand you could argue that a particular supplement may improve an individual’s health to the point where they don’t need as many prescriptions or over-the-counter remedies. In that case the investment in the supplement would be seen as a cost-saving measure rather than a financial drain.

Excuse #4 – Supplements are risky

One last possible resistance someone may have to using supplements is the issue of quality control. Imagine if you were an elite athlete that could be subjected to random drug testing. Would you risk an Olympic podium or professional contract due to a positive test? For some athletes this may be the reason to avoid supplementing as the potential costs of a positive test would be too great.

Now imagine if there was a product line that was proven in the literature. And one that was a comparable financial investment with other products on the market. And had the highest levels of quality control to ensure only the label ingredients were in the package.

Recently some of the coaches at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc and myself were fortunate enough to be able to sample the supplement Vitargo. This came about as one of the presenters from our Okanagan Strength & Conditioning Conference, Dr. Susan Kleiner, is the co-CEO of the company. Dr. Kleiner is also a founding member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition and author of several books including Power Eating and an all-round incredible person. We’re lucky to know her!

After sampling the various flavours the coaches and I were all convinced we liked the flavours, consistency and effects noticed during training. In fact, one of our coaches, Leanne Stanley, has begun using Vitargo for her outrigger and stand-up paddle racing with amazing results.

But we’re not ones to be swayed by great packaging and tasty flavours. We want more out of a product. And Vitargo delivers in three big ways. Here’s how.

Reason #1 – Proof Before Promises

You know a supplement company is legit when this is the tag line. But it’s not just a catchy slogan but a core value with Vitargo. The marketing material Vitargo lists 18 university research references. I can’t think of any other supplement companies that can make this claim.

Going a step further these are independent laboratory studies not ones financed and conducted by the supplement company itself. When you consider many supplement companies either:

a) don’t have any research to support their products


b) have an obvious conflict of interest when they are directly involved in the research

it makes companies like Vitargo stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Reason #2 – Higher Quality

Do you ever wonder what is tested in terms of quality and purity in a supplement? Is this required? Or done voluntarily?

You would think every product you choose off the shelf has had some level of independent testing to ensure quality and purity. This is not the case.

In fact companies that do have seals and logos of certifying agencies don’t have all of their products tested. And many of them aren’t at the level of Dr. Don Catlin’s lab at the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG).

The following is from the BSCG website:

By participating in the BSCG program, each and every batch of a product is required to be analyzed and certified. Failure to meet this requirement results in immediate disqualification from the BSCG program.

Looking through the list of products there isn’t one big name supplement company listed. What does that say when the biggest, most popular companies aren’t included in the BSCG list?

Reason #3 – It Wins

Anyone that takes a supplement does so with intent. Young creatine users are hopeful to see increased lean body mass. Those that take omega-3 hope to see improvements with their cardiovascular health. It doesn’t matter the product the consumer is hoping to see a benefit from doing so.

This is where Vitargo really stands out.

During intense exercise the body uses muscle and liver glycogen to fuel our bodies. Products such as Gatorade were invented with this purpose in mind. If we could feed the body carbohydrates during exercise than we could exercise longer and at a higher intensity compared to no fuel at all.

The problem with Gatorade, and similar products, comes down to something known as gastric emptying. Think of gastric emptying as how quickly a food moves from the stomach to working muscles. Quick gastric emptying is beneficial whereas slow gastric emptying is how you feel after a big Thanksgiving meal. Remember the Seinfeld episode with the toys?


Anyways, if quick gastric emptying is the name of the game we might think that more is better. However with most sports drinks the maximal levels of carbohydrate the body can handle is about 6-8%. If we have a 100 ml solution and dissolved 8 grams of carbohydrate this would make an 8% solution.

Guess what happens when you go higher than 8%?

Gastric emptying slows. And sluggishness, GI distress and other side effects may ensue.

Vitargo is a patented starch molecule from barley that beats traditional carbohydrates used for sports in two ways in particular. Vitargo leaves the stomach 130% faster than regular carbohydrates in the first 10 minutes. And it reaches working muscles 70% than regular carbs as well.

For someone that is serious about performance 2-3% can be huge. This can mean getting a scholarship, winning a championship, getting on a podium etc. Imagine what a 70-130% advantage could mean for this type of athlete?

Okanagan Peak Performance Inc is currently getting set up to be able to supply our clients and others with this revolutionary product line.

For more information on Vitargo and the BSCG check out the links below:

And if you would like to try Vitargo talk to one of our coaches or email us at

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