Recap of the Whistler Tough Mudder

So you want to be a Tough Mudder?

Well maybe not. Maybe you’ve never heard this term before.

Fair enough.

Below are a few videos that will fill in the gaps.

Ok so are you still in? Do you want to know what it’s like to push your body physically to the limit and overcome? Do want to test yourself and see how you stand?

If that’s the case then we can definitely help you out.

Actually that’s not true.

There might be a few people that could help you out. We can help you crush this event. We can help you compete rather than just complete this event (if you have that kind of competitive spirit). We can make it so you aren’t crippled walking stairs on Monday.

But more on the program later. If you just can’t wait leave a comment and I’ll set you up with the exact program we used. Plus a few inside secrets as to what gear to use, how to fuel up, how to attack the obstacles and more. Trust me this insider knowledge is crucial to dominating this event.

So what about the race? What was it like?

Well it a was a true mountain challenge. You are running almost the equivalent of a half marathon race in the mountains. You will be completely submerged, and swim a short distance, in ice cold water. You will be run through mud that could be up to waist deep in parts. You will have to do climb Berlin walls and half pipes. And much more.

Here’s a sampling of some of the videos Okanagan Peak Performance client Nick Fane shot during the race.

The first shows the Monkey Bars from Nick’s perspective as he has the camera on his chest. The bars go up, across and then down. And if you don’t hang on to the bars you drop about 15 feet to an ice bath below. And if that weren’t enough some of the rungs on the monkey bars were buttered so you’d lose your grip and fall.

Nick does an amazing job on this obstacle as you can see how quickly he moved through the rungs. This is even more impressive when you consider this is the last physical obstable after nearly 3 hours of challenges and running.

Next up is the second Berlin Wall. There is a small foot mount maybe about 2 or 3 feet off the ground. Basically you need to run at the wall, plant your foot on this mount and then drive yourself up and over the wall.

One funny memory from the Berlin Wall involved Dakota Poole who stands almost 6’7″ and tips the scales at nearly 280 lbs. Well Dakota was being a great competitor and offered to help this guy over the wall. The guy doesn’t say anything and Dakota interlocks his fingers and gestures for the guy to place a foot in his hands to proper him up the wall.

Well this guy waves off the help, back up about 10 feet and charges the wall. He extends one foot towards the mount and totally misses. He slams into the wall and then falls back into a puddle on the ground. It looked like a scene from a cartoon.

Speaking of Dakota you might think that being that big and tall would be a huge advantage for an event like this. And it probably was, especially if you can run like Dakota can.

But then there are also obstacles where your size works against you.

Such is the case of the Trench Warfare obstacle. This one involved inching your body like a worm through a 150 foot section of a small square fox hole built into an ice mountain.

When you see the video you can imagine how clausterphobic this may be for some people. Especially if you are as big as Dakota.

The funny thing with this obstacle is our team all entered different tunnels which are totally blacked out. So not only can we not see the end of the tunnel we can’t see each other.

So I yelled out a loud ‘Yeah Buddy!’ which was quickly echoed back to me three-fold letting me know we were all doing well.

Overall this was a great experience and something I’ll be looking to do again. We’ll be putting together teams for future races and look forward have you join us.


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  1. Nick says:

    What a fun race! I am so glad we did the training program as well. I felt pretty darn good the whole race…

    Thanks for including my videos!

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