Top 10 Fitness Predictions for 2011 – Part II

This is Part II of my Top 10 Fitness Predictions for 2011.  Please see below for Part I.

6. Long duration workouts are out.  If intensity is to become more popular than long distance training will be out.  The harder you push the shorter you can go.  And vive versa.  Everyone’s time is at a premium and we want the best results in the fastest way possible.  It used to be that being in the gym 2-3 hours a day five days a week earned you respect amongst your peers.  Now they’re more likely to see this amount of time in the gym as a waste.  Unless of course you’re a pro athlete working on a variety of different elements in that time.  Most likely this doesn’t apply to you.

7.  Increased demand for higher quality nutrition.  Previously we weren’t as aware of which foods were toxic to us and should be removed from our nutritional plan.  Next we learned which foods we should be eating and tried to include more of them.  Lastly we start to see that there are various grades of the foods we should be eating and people are opting for the highest quality possibility.  The perception that quality nutrition always has to cost more is beginng to fade and more are making better choices during their grocery store trips.

8. The hips are cool. For a while there everything was about the core. Everyone wanted core stability. They wanted core strength. They wanted core to fix their bad back. And they wanted core to help them in their sport.

Well guess what? The emphasis is going to switch more to training the hip complex. There will be more attention to strengthening the hips. There will be more attention to aligning the hips. And there will definitely be more attention to mobilizing the hips. And all of these things will help with bad backs and performance. Do you see the link?

9. More children’s fitness programs. Kids shouldn’t train like adults but often times when I see a coach or trainer introducing young athletes to some strength and conditioning principles that’s all that is happening. And this is wrong. As we see more kids being diagnosed with previously adult-only health problems there will be more of a fitness prescription needed to reverse some of the symptoms we are seeing. And these programs need to be structured in a way that is appropriate, safe, fun and specific to the needs of young athletes and individuals.

10. More performance rather than aesthetic goals. As we see a swing away from isolation, bodybuilding style training towards performance style training you will see more people identify their goals based on their performance rather than their appearance. People will want to run a 1:40 1/2 marathon. Or increase their vertical by 2 inches. Or deadlift 500 lbs.  Or ski blacks diamonds all day with no joint pain. You see where I’m going?

Quality of life has more to do with performance and enjoying the things you train for than it does with a number on a scale or what your BMI is. The other benefit is that when you improve your performance that normally goes along with a more attractive physique as well. But the same cannot be said for the opposite. Meaning 18″ arms won’t really help you in any sport or activity other than bodybuilding.

Well I’ve got sign off and get ready for some debauchery tonight. What about you? Big plans for new years?

Have a safe and memorable last night of 2010.

Chris                                                                                                                                                                                             ‘always moving forward’

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