Open Library for Our Clients

One of the things we really put an emphasis on at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc. is education. I talked about this many times before and the number of different ways we look to further our education and involvement with students.

How Cold Dark Winter Days Help You Sleep

Alright so it’s the middle of winter. Well maybe not the exact middle but where we are in Kelowna the daylight hours are shorter and the mercury doesn’t climb as much as other times of the year. And so with these longer colder days you’ll see fewer people outside doing activity. And more people plopped down in front of the big screen watching awards shows, movies or sports. We’ve even found new conditions (S.A.D., isn’t it?) to justify the need to get away from somewhere warm in the middle of winter.

Spotlight on Jarrod Thalheimer

Every now and again I am impressed and pleased with the results our clients achieve. Don’t get me wrong I feel this way with every success that is realized by someone we work with. But sometimes I feel compelled to share this person’s story with you.

5 Common Fitness Training Mistakes

I went and saw the movie Moneyball the other night. If you’re thinking about going you should definitely check it out.

Maybe you’re a basefall fan. Or maybe you’re entrepreneurial and like business. Or maybe you like Brad Pitt (hello Megan). Whatever your reason, it’s a good show.

Kayla’s Summer As a Strength & Conditioning Intern

Well summer holidays are over and that means back to school for many. Including Kayla, one of our summer interns.

Kayla was a great addition to the Okanagan Peak Performance Inc. team this summer. And even though she’s back at school for her final semester she still found some time to check in with all of all us.

Launch of Fall Youth Fitness Training

This summer was one of the best in terms of our Youth Fitness Training.
It is so much fun to work with young athletes that have boundless amounts of energy and work hard for you.
These training camps keep getting better and better. To put it in perspective last year we had 3 athletes out and this year we had 22!
What is the secret to our success?
We make sure to design a well thought out and periodized training program with an emphasis on fun. Take for example the last day which consisted of a number of games, relays, tug of war battles and ‘Simon Says’. The only thing missing was a slip and slide and I’m already on it to make sure we have one for next year.

Videos Show What Group Fitness Is All About

Every now and again someone will ask me about our Group Fitness Training.

What’s it like? What fitness level is it for?

And most commonly, if not expressed out loud, people are thinking, is it right for me?

And what I do then is invite this individual to come and try a session or two. ‘Try before you buy’ is never a bad idea. We feel strongly that we offer a unique service that generates results. But still some are reluctant to come out and give it a try. Why is that?

The 100 Workout Challenge

Do you have a goal in mind with your training?

Maybe it’s to lose a certain number of pounds. Or it might be to increase a particular lift, such as the deadlift, to a new personal best. Or maybe you are training for a race, competition, tryout or test and want to be your best on a particular day.

Has Your Fitness Training Plateaued? 5 Tips to Try

So how’s it going with your training?

Are you dropping 5-10 lbs every month?

Or have you increased your deadlift 10 lbs every month for a while now?

Is your joint function and mobility getting better every month?

What You Might be Doing Wrong with Your Core Training

If there’s one thing most people like about working out it’s core training.

This transcends age, goal, sport, training history, sex and geographic boundaries. Every client I meet with, whether performance or fitness oriented, expresses a stronger core as one of their goals.