When Protein + Veggies Don’t Work

Life is rarely a series of absolutes. There are few times when we always ‘do this’ or never ‘do that’. Oftentimes an answer to a question from a client might be prefaced with ‘it depends…’.

Diet Pop and Glucose Metabolism

This past weekend we had a birthday party for our daughter Olivia. And as with many parties like this there was food, cake and drinks.

The calories v. sugar debate

So recently on the interwebs there was a bit of discussion on a social network about the importance of sugar in the diet. Actually it was more than just a discussion as some members took to mocking the other side who then responded to blocking the immature commenter from their profile.

Sugar Seminar Recap

We are all hearing more and more about the health problems associated with our increased consumption of sugar. Everyone now has a family member or someone close to them that is Insulin Resistant or Type II Diabetic.

4 Reasons to Ditch Corn

The other day I was talking to a client telling them they could accelerate their fat loss efforts by eliminating certain foods from their nutritional plan.

Bad Things Trainers Do – A Hint of Hypocrisy

We live in a world where we can access professional advice for all areas of our life.

We can consult with an investment advisor on the best ways to save for retirement. We can meet with an accountant about tax strategies that would benefit our business. And we can work with a strength & conditioning coach as to the best ways to achieve the results in the least amount of time.

More on Chocolate Milk Post Workout

The other day I finished up a session with a client and we were talking about post-workout nutrition. And as we have chocolate milk for after your workout I offered one to this client.

And she had a question regarding drinking chocolate milk. Specifically she wanted to know if it was ok to drink the reduced sugar version.

Here’s what I told her.

One Less Food for Better Health

The body is a pretty amazing machine.

It adapts to new environments. For example, in equatorial regions we develop more pigment to prevent burning. And in arctic regions we retain more bodyfat for insulation against cold weather.

More Reasons to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

I remember growing up and my parents were following one of the low fat diets of the day. One of the ones that comes to mind was the Scarsdale Diet.

Anyways this diet, and a number of others, recommended that for the best health we needed to reduce our intake of fat. Particularly saturated fat.

It’s No Yolk! Eat the Whole Egg.

On the weekend I was watching some of the NFL playoffs. And during the commercials breaks I did the customary guy thing and started to surf the channels until the game resumed.

And I noticed something that I had seen before but hadn’t paid much attention.