Stretch For Increased Strength Gains

Did you ever have quizzes when you were in school?

I’m talking about surprises quizzes that were given without advance notice.

The What, How & Why of Warming Up

Welcome to 2018! As we turn the calendar on a new year many will be embarking on a new fitness routine. With more people getting started in fitness there will be more injuries on the way. 

What to do about tight hamstrings

Ask 100 people that train where they are most tight and you will probably hear hamstrings singled out as one of the most common problem areas. I would include tight hips as well as the two are intimately related and if you have tight hamstrings more than likely have tight hips as well.

Why stretching might be bad for you

It seems like there are certain things in life where there isn’t such a thing as too much of a good thing.

The Value of the Warm Up

So yesterday I had the chance the play a round of golf with a buddy, Jim, and he invited a couple of friends which was great. I actually knew one of the guys from many years ago at a gym in downtown Kelowna called Flex Fitness.

What To Do About a Tight Hamstring

Have you ever experienced a pulled hamstring?

If you haven’t consider yourself lucky. It’s not much fun at all.

The Top 6 Travel Tips to Save Your Back

This is the follow up to the post  Is Sitting Killing Your Back? A Few Quick Fixes.

You provided some excellent questions and comments from that post so now as a reward I’ve got The Top 6 Tips to Save Your Back When Travelling. Some of these tips relate specifically to driving your vehicle and others have to do with air travel.