How to Train for Speed

What’s one thing that’s different as you move up to the next level of sport? I’m talking about a quality that changes and gets higher or better regardless of the sport in mind.

How to Get Faster – Without Really Trying

If you’re a fan of sports than that usually means you’re a fan of speed. Speed is usually what’s featured on the ‘play of the day’ for the sports broadcast. And the higher the level of sport you achieve the faster the game becomes.

The Myth of Triple Extension

Last weekend Graeme and I had the opportunity to attend a speed coaching clinic with Derek Evely. Derek was the Leeborough Centre Director of UK Athletics from 2009-2012 prior to the London Olympic games in 2012. He has  coached a number of number of Olympic podium athletes and continues to work with some of the best hammer throwers in the world.

Post Activation Potentiation

Speed is one those things every athlete wants more of. It may be described as quickness or having a faster first step but ultimately it comes to having more horsepower.

Slow it down to get better

Last week I had a ski lesson. And it was one of the times when I had an ‘aha’ moment.

4 Tips for Speed

If there was one quality I would always choose as a coach it would be speed. You can have big players and strong players. You can have fit players and smart players. But the truth is that speed kills. Period.

Easy way to sprint 5% faster

It’s hard to find a sport where having less speed would be an advantage. And in this case we would have to be talking about sports that are objectively measured i.e. faster,higher,stronger as opposed to subjectively measured with judging.

Are 800s the Ultimate Fitness Test?

Have you ever run 800s?

If you’ve competed in track and field there’s a good chance you may have some experience with this distance. And therefore you know how awful this event can be.

4 Benefits to Marathon Training with a Weight Vest

So we’re down to the final week before the Seattle 1/2 Marathon. And things are coming along really well. It’s been exciting to experience how our fitness and speed have improved at the same time.

This is unusual for distance running.

Usually you are either building volume and running more miles at each training session or you’re improving your speed but not necessarily going any faster. This is the  traditional program offered by many fitness stores and rec centers.

5 Common Fitness Training Mistakes

I went and saw the movie Moneyball the other night. If you’re thinking about going you should definitely check it out.

Maybe you’re a basefall fan. Or maybe you’re entrepreneurial and like business. Or maybe you like Brad Pitt (hello Megan). Whatever your reason, it’s a good show.