Slow & Steady Gets Better Results

If you know me you know I like speed. I enjoy finding new and better ways to help our athletes produce force at a higher rate. This helps them have more success in their sport and can extend careers when others might be losing a step.

Lift Heavy or Lift Lots?

There can always be a number of ways to achieve a result. As the expression goes, many roads lead to Rome. But the more specific we can be with our goal the more specific we can be with the prescription.

Too Much of a Good Thing

There are certain things in life that are good for us. For example, as the winter approaches we know the importance of vitamin D and getting exposure to sunlight. Unfortunately, flying to a beach vacation and spending the whole day in the sun may result in sun stroke and sun burn.

Pushing Fitness Intensity

What constitutes an effective workout? Is it when you feel a pump in the targeted muscle(s)? Is it when you work up a good sweat? 

4 Reasons to Use a Heart Rate Monitor

At one time heart rate monitors would have been considered for elite athletes and those with extra cash for all the latest gadgets. Not any more.

Revisiting 2011 Fitness Predictions

It’s the Christmas season and New Year’s is around the corner. That means it’s time to look ahead and see what’s coming down the line with respect to health and fitness. But before we jump ahead to 2012 and close the door on 2011 we should take a moment and look back at where I thought fitness was headed with respect to fitness.

5 Common Fitness Training Mistakes

I went and saw the movie Moneyball the other night. If you’re thinking about going you should definitely check it out.

Maybe you’re a basefall fan. Or maybe you’re entrepreneurial and like business. Or maybe you like Brad Pitt (hello Megan). Whatever your reason, it’s a good show.

Training Lessons from the Movie The Warrior

The other night I went and saw the movie The Warrior. Have you seen this one? It’s the story of a UFC-style grand prix where competitors have to advance through a tournament with a ‘winner-take-all’ 5 million dollar prize.

2 Fixes to Getting the Fitness Results You Want

Do you know the following people?

The ones who complain about nutrition and exercise not working for them. That they have tried everything under the sun when it comes to workout routines or dietary changes. But for whatever reason they don’t get results.

And they’ll state emphatically it has nothing to do with their approach or their dedication. They are just different.

You know the type of people I’m talking about?

Top 5 Reasons Some Get Results (with less effort and strain)

I’m sure most of you have taken a plane before. And you’ve probably paid for that flight.

Sometimes you time it right and book during a seat sale. And other times you need to get somewhere and end up paying more than you’d like. And definitely more than what others are paying for the same flight.