How to Distinguish Lower Body Exercises

Lower body training can get kind of confusing sometimes.

We hear a variety of different ‘rules’ about training such as:

‘don’t let the knees go past the toes’,

‘don’t do deadlifts if you have back issues’ and

‘don’t train your legs if you don’t want to get bulky’.

4 Easy Stretches to Warm up for Golf

Do you golf?

If you do then you are aware of the demand there is for good mobility through the shoulders, mid and upper back as well as the hips.

And we can prepare ourselves for performance in golf by the things we do off the course. This includes our resistance training program as well as a good stretch and recovery protocol.

But besides the things that will help us perform well in golf there are some things we can do which don’t help at all.

These would include:
* not following a resistance training program
* not stretching or foam rolling
* having poor posture
* improper and inadequate warm-up prior to playing

The third condition, having a poor posture, is the result of sitting for much of the day. This can be sitting in the car, at the desk, at school, in front of the tv, at the computer and unfortunately, after all this sitting, on a bike at the gym.

While many of the things which should improve our performance on the course should be done in between our play on the course there are still some things we can do to loosen up before our first shot of the day.

Especially if we’re running late.

Because if you think about it ideally we’d like to:
* hit some balls at the range
* figure out our stragegy for the hole if it’s a new course
* get any other instructions from the marshall

before we have to tee one up.

But that doesn’t always happen..

And if you find yourself running late for your tee time you’ll be:
* stressed
* with an elevated heart rate
* and tightened, restricted muscles

none of which helps you to hit a good first shot.

So what should you do if you only have 3 minutes before teeing off?

Check out the video below where I give you 4 short great stretches to loosen up your shoulders, mid and upper back as well as your hips in all planes before you hit your first shot.

This will give you the best chance of success and minimize the potential for injury.

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10 plus comments and I’ll give the complete guid to warming up for golf.

Before I sign off I have to give a big shout out to my nephew Samuel who acted as cameraman for this video. He wanted everyone to know he shot the video and that he’s 8 years old. I think he did a pretty good job for his effort behind the camera. Maybe I’ll bring him back for future segments.

Now let’s hear your comments below!

Chris ‘always moving forward’

A Quick Low Back and Deadlifting Fix

I like simple things.

Simple fixes. Simple solutions.

I think this is what Occam’s Razor is all about. That the simplest solution is often the correct one. Well that’s the way I understand it.

And I like when simple things transfer over to other things.

Consider for example in day to day life how a solution makes your life better and it helps in more than one way.

Below I’ve added a video for you.

And it has to do with helping alleviate low back pain and improve your posture.

The video only runs a few minutes so have a quick watch.



To recap the points from the video:

* slide to the edge of your seat

* split your feet wide into a V position

* grab the seat between your legs

* push your chest tall as you drive your heels into the floor and pull with your arms

***really fine print…guys I assume no responsibility if you should wreck your wife or girlfriend’s favourite chair


Here’s where this gets really cool.

If you can repeat these points on your deadlifts you will instantly improve your deadlifts.

Why is this so?

Because many deadlifts start with a collapsed chest, a relaxed low back or by pulling with the arms instead of driving through the heels.

So if you have:

* poor posture

* especially while sitting

* low back pain

* a goal to improve your deadlifts

Make sure to incorporate this tip into your day to day occupation as well as your workout routine.

All the best.

Chris                                                                                                                                                           ‘always moving forward’

2 Tips for Better Posture – One AM/One PM

There are some things we all do that aren’t good for us.

And usually this relates to things that we do so frequently that it becomes second nature and we hardly give it  second thought.

But the problem is that because we do these things so often that we become unaware of the damage we are doing to our bodies.

We gradually accomodate to the stress or strain of these actions that pretty soon we are totally unaware of their effects. Consider the two examples below.

The first is something we do during the day and includes almost everyone. To understand what I’m talking about imagine standing in a line somewhere. Maybe at the bank. Or the post office. Or at Starbucks.

Now most of you are relatively active and healthy people. You understand the importance of proper posture. You know to how to establish a neutral optimally aligned position.

But then we get into line and we get lazy.

We push our hips to one side. We bend the knee on the opposite side and lock out the knee on the same side that we pushed our hips towards.

And because our legs and hips are out of alignment we bend through the torso laterally in order to adjust to the deviations below.

Take a look the picture below.

Can you see all of these things happening?

Looks pretty bad when you examine it closely and compare it to what proper posture should look like.

But no one bats an eye when the see something like this. Partly because we all do it. And partly because we do it so frequently.

Let’s look at another example. This one is during the night.

In this picture the person is sleeping on his stomach.

To accomodate this position the ankles need to be plantar flexed (toes pointed), the pelvis will be anteriorly tilted, the low wil be arched, the neck will be extended and the head turned to the side.

If you were awake you probably wouldn’t last more than 5 minutes in this position. But when you’re asleep you can go hours this way and wonder why everything hurts in the morning.

Take home message

The truth is we get the best results from the things we do most often.

If I’m active 6 days a week and relax one day I should get good results.

If I follow my meal plan 90% of the time and enjoy cheat foods 10% of the time I’ll probably be happy with my progress.

But sleeping can account for 33% of the total week’s hours (assuming I get 8 hours a night).

And how often do think about our posture when standing? Ever?

Can you see how quickly we can undermine our own efforts for proper posture and alignment? Can you see how besides the 3-10 hours a week you spend in the gym there are still 158+ hours to undue and reverse all of your efforts at pain-free quality movement.

Keep these two tips in mind this week. When you find yourself standing in a line check your alignment. Is your weight balanced between both feet? Are your hips and trunk level? Is your chest tall? Are your shoulders down and back? Is your head neutral?

And if you’re a stomach sleeper wear the spikiest belt you can find inside out before you go to sleep.

Well on second thought don’t do that but do try and get out of the habit of sleeping on your stomach.

Chris                                                                                                                                                                     ‘always moving forward’

The Top 6 Travel Tips to Save Your Back

This is the follow up to the post  Is Sitting Killing Your Back? A Few Quick Fixes.

You provided some excellent questions and comments from that post so now as a reward I’ve got The Top 6 Tips to Save Your Back When Travelling. Some of these tips relate specifically to driving your vehicle and others have to do with air travel.

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