Benefits of Fitness Testing

I’m always curious as to why people train? Are they seeking a body transformation? More lean mass? Less fat mass? Are they looking to address an injured or painful joint? Maybe they would like to increase their performance in sport? Or maybe extend a professional career?

Why Use a Heart Rate Monitor

Do you use a heart rate monitor when you train? I guess at most big box gyms the majority of people don’t. I mean when you consider that most people don’t have a training journal to record their workouts they probably aren’t going to go to the trouble and expense of investing in a heart rate monitor.

How to Get Started with a Heart Rate Monitor

Many people are into running, cycling, triathlon and other endurance events. It’s surprising with how much is invested into these sports both in terms of time and money¬†that more people don’t use heart rate monitors.

4 Reasons to Use a Heart Rate Monitor

At one time heart rate monitors would have been considered for elite athletes and those with extra cash for all the latest gadgets. Not any more.

Heart Rate Variability

Recently we’ve incorporated a couple of new technologies at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc. This supports our goal for you which is to get you better results in less time. And by incorporating these technologies we know that we will be able to help you recover from your injury, lose more weight and compete at a higher level.

Lessons Learned from Competition

Do you enter competitive events? For example, if you don’t play a sport what are you doing to assess yourself?

For many, the days of playing competitive sports is long gone and a thing of the past. Now just the thought of getting in a workout feels like a accomplishment let alone thinking about actually entering a race or competitive event.