What Your Habits Have In Common With Playoff Success

Do you find people constantly mistake you for a pro athlete? And I don’t mean based on your appearance.

The One Thing for Success

Is there someone in your life that epitomizes health? They always look good. They don’t have a weight issue. They always seem to have energy and be in a positive mood. You rarely see them getting sick.

Slow & Steady Gets Better Results

If you know me you know I like speed. I enjoy finding new and better ways to help our athletes produce force at a higher rate. This helps them have more success in their sport and can extend careers when others might be losing a step.

5 Steps to Achieve Your Fitness Goal

There’s an expression we’ll commonly use at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc that goes ‘It’s simple but not easy’. What we mean is that healthy living involves a simple plan but following the plan isn’t always easy.

Use Rituals to Your Benefit

We are creatures of habit. There are certain things we do routinely, or ritualistically, in our lives.

The Hardest Part of Fitness

What is the hardest part of being healthy? Is it the training? The dedication to eating healthy foods? Is it getting enough quality sleep every night?

Consistency is the Key

Coaching, programming and nutrition are important components of a fitness program.

How to form new exercise habits

I’ve misplaced my motivation somewhere between the soft pillows and biweekly Timmies runs.

You gasp and sit up. The alarm on your phone is blaring its obnoxious wake up call, urging you to move your butt out of bed, from beneath the warm, comfortable, soft…..zzzzz…. ARGH, HUH, WHAT???! For a moment, you can’t remember why on earth your eyes are open, or what day it is.