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Do you take supplements? This could be anything from an omega-3 or a multi-vitamin to taking a creatine, beta alanine or a protein supplement.

More on Chocolate Milk Post Workout

The other day I finished up a session with a client and we were talking about post-workout nutrition. And as we have chocolate milk for after your workout I offered one to this client.

And she had a question regarding drinking chocolate milk. Specifically she wanted to know if it was ok to drink the reduced sugar version.

Here’s what I told her.

Quantifying the Pre-Workout Meal

So we all know the importance of the pre-workout meal. Well, maybe I’m jumping the gun. I should say that I hope we all know the importance of the pre-workout meal.

3 Reasons Drinking Water Maybe a Bad Idea

There’s a commercial I remember seeing not too long ago. And it shows a girls’ soccer team drinking sports drinks during a break in the play. And one of the players asks the coach why they’re drinking sports drinks? And the coach replies saying ‘to replace the water you’ve lost’. So of course the player replies ‘if we’ve lost water why don’t we drink water?’

5 Reasons for an Immediate Post-Workout Shake

The other day we were finishing a Group Fitness Training workout and I passed out shakes to those who had joined us. Yeah, that’s right. From time to time you get rewarded for coming out for a training session on a long weekend.

Anyways as we were sitting back and drinking our shakes someone asked me why we would have a shake? Why was this important?