Fitness Training – Whose Decision Is It?

If you’ve trained with OPP for a while you’ve probably seen the wide variety of clientele that we have the pleasure of training. From post-rehab to body transformation and sports performance there is a huge range in training goals.

Take the Path of Least Resistance

Do you have a fitness goal that you’ve been working towards for a while?

Fitness Coaching with Analogies

When it comes to coaching everyone has a different style. Sure we pick things up from different coaches here and there. We’ll steal a tip from this one. We’ll adopt a practice from that one. But for the most part we have to figure what our style is and then develop it to the best of our ability.

A Clients Speaks – Ugly When Naked?


Chris is not my first.

By Chris, of course, I am referring to our fitness lord and savior, Christopher M. Collins. The MSc, CSCS, strength coach, gym founder and all-around guru-dude cracking the whip here at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc.

A Day at Okanagan Peak Performance

Often times people will stop in to our facility and ask what it is we do. They already have some idea because the signage out front identifies us as an athletic training facility and through the mindows they can see some of the equipment.

But while there will be some pieces of equipment they will recognize there will also be some items which are foreign to them. For example, for what do we use the big wooden platforms are the floor? And what is the bench back by the med balls? And lastly why do you have a big tractor tire?

Lessons Learned from Competition

Do you enter competitive events? For example, if you don’t play a sport what are you doing to assess yourself?

For many, the days of playing competitive sports is long gone and a thing of the past. Now just the thought of getting in a workout feels like a accomplishment let alone thinking about actually entering a race or competitive event.

Meet the Newest OPP Coach – Matt Baumeister

One of the things that has been fun as we continue to move forward with Okanagan Peak Performance Inc. has been all the changes that have happened in the past year.

We’ve moved into a new facility. And we outfitted it with the best equipment anywhere in town. Next we did some touch ups to freshen up the look of the place and make it a little more comfortable for everyone. Lastly we’ve looked to bring on some new talent that can help us continue to help you get better results in less time.

A Higher Purpose for Fitness Training

Often times when we think about our reasons for training they can be pretty obvious such as a weight loss goal. This is an obvious goal because it’s the number one goal of people who have gym memberships. Heck, it’s probably even the number one goal of even the ones who don’t have gym memberships.

The Top Nutritional Myths

Before I get to today’s blog I wanted to show you a quick picture from last weekend’s Hallowe’en party. Our friends LM and MM always seem to out do themselves with their parties. And this year was no exception. If over-indulging helps us to resist nutritional lapses down the road than I should be good for a while.

Videos Show What Group Fitness Is All About

Every now and again someone will ask me about our Group Fitness Training.

What’s it like? What fitness level is it for?

And most commonly, if not expressed out loud, people are thinking, is it right for me?

And what I do then is invite this individual to come and try a session or two. ‘Try before you buy’ is never a bad idea. We feel strongly that we offer a unique service that generates results. But still some are reluctant to come out and give it a try. Why is that?