Ice cream, beer and the best fitness results

Last weekend we held an end-of-season bike ride followed by a BBQ at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc. At the BBQ there were burgers, ice cream and beer. This is typically the kinds of foods that fitness coaches tell their clients to avoid eating.

Don’t Wait for Perfect

Almost on a daily basis I’ll cross paths with an acquaintance that knows what I do for a living. And without any prompting on my end I begin hearing about their plans to take care of their health & fitness.

Client Drops 90 lbs in 9 Months!

Hey! How’s it going? Its Chris here and I’ve got an amazing success story to share with you.

Lessons from US Swimmer Ryan Lochte

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past couple of weeks you’ve probably heard the name Ryan Lochte. And if you’re not familiar with the name than you may have heard something about a US swimmer at the Olympics fabricating a story about being robbed in Brazil at the Olympics.

Are 800s the Ultimate Fitness Test?

Have you ever run 800s?

If you’ve competed in track and field there’s a good chance you may have some experience with this distance. And therefore you know how awful this event can be.

Matt’s Farewell Blog

Matt Baumeister Final Blog Post

Hi everyone,

Matt here again. Here I go, writing to you for one last time.

8 Week 10 K Running Clinic

Starting next Monday August 13 Okanagan Peak Performance Inc is proud to present its 8 Week 10 K Running Clinic. So what brought this about? Well there are lots of people who start running programs. And fewer complete them. And fewer stay injury free. And fewer get faster over the years.

Are you one of these people?

3 Ways to Have More Fitness Support

Remember back when you were in school? Maybe you’re still in school and this is very familiar. But for those of us that aren’t going to school anymore we’ll have particular memories.

Pull the Plane Training Session

There are a few things Okanagan Peak Performance is synonomous. And these include physical feats, strong women and helping others. So when we were approached about sponsoring a team for the United Way’s Plane Pull Challenge it was a no-brainer.

But we’re not just sponsoring any team. We’re sponsoring a team made up 100% of women.

4 Benefits to Marathon Training with a Weight Vest

So we’re down to the final week before the Seattle 1/2 Marathon. And things are coming along really well. It’s been exciting to experience how our fitness and speed have improved at the same time.

This is unusual for distance running.

Usually you are either building volume and running more miles at each training session or you’re improving your speed but not necessarily going any faster. This is the  traditional program offered by many fitness stores and rec centers.