Don’t Use Exercise for Fat Loss

Newsflash! As a society we’re becoming more over-weight and more obese. This shouldn’t come as news to anyone. 

Client Drops 90 lbs in 9 Months!

Hey! How’s it going? Its Chris here and I’ve got an amazing success story to share with you.

Meal Prep Made Easy

Have you ever noticed how the people who have the best physiques tend to share certain traits? For example, they are dedicated to their training. They make sure to capture every training session with a dozen or so selfies and an overuse of hashtags. And they are also meticulous with their meal planning.

Louise’s Amazing Transformation!

Hey! How’s it going? It’s Megan here and I’ve got a great success story to share with you.

Counter-productive Fat Loss Efforts

Recently we’ve been discussing metabolism, how the body burns calories and things that put the breaks on our metabolism. In this post I’m going to discuss a situation that is not too uncommon among female fitness enthusiasts and may be leaving them frustrated with their weight loss efforts.

How the body burns calories

In the last post I talked about the fact that for optimal health and weight loss we can’t simply worry about reducing our sugar intake. As well, we can’t simply focus on creating a caloric deficit. Both of these need to be addressed in order for healthy weight loss to occur.

The calories v. sugar debate

So recently on the interwebs there was a bit of discussion on a social network about the importance of sugar in the diet. Actually it was more than just a discussion as some members took to mocking the other side who then responded to blocking the immature commenter from their profile.

9 Easy Tips for Portion Control – Part II

This is Part II of 9 Easy Tips for Portion Control. Click here to read Part I. Other keep reading for the remaining tips.

9 Easy Tips for Portion Control

Most people that go to a fitness facility go for the purpose of losing weight. It’s a means to an end in that they perform their workouts with the hope or expectation of losing weight. If there were some other activity that was shown to be as effective for losing weight as fitness training many would switch activities.

Losing Weight & Getting Stronger at Kelowna Training Facility

Hey! How’s it going? It’s Megan here and I’ve got a great success story to share with you.