Martin Rooney’s Long Beach Presentation

Normally I write the majority of the blog posts. But every now and again I like to step back and let someone else take the lead.

I encourage our staff to do this as much as possible. Write, that is.  In school I was never a very good writer and I’m sure there’s a few of you that are thinking to yourselves ‘you still aren’t very good!’

Meet Our Summer Intern – Jeremy Martin

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed some changes at Okanagan Peak Performance. When there was a flu going around we thought hand sanitzers might help to control the spread of this.  When Ryder Hesjedal won the Giro D’Italia, and in anticipation of the London Olympics, we thought it would be appropriate to display a Canadian flag.

And when we recognized we would have a need for a summer intern we brought on Jeremy Martin. Jeremy is going into his 3rd of kinesiology at UBC and is gaining some practical experience with us this summer.

Open Library for Our Clients

One of the things we really put an emphasis on at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc. is education. I talked about this many times before and the number of different ways we look to further our education and involvement with students.

Kelowna Brings In Top Presenters for Strength Conference

One thing we put a high priority on at Okanagan Peak Performance is education. We have summer interns who come work with us during the summer. We subscribe to relevant journals and trade publications. Staff are paid for the journals and articles they read each week.

Unforseen Benefits from Your Fitness Efforts

Have you ever started something and wondered where it will end up?

Maybe it’s a going for a long walk while on a vacation. You head out from your hotel with no real purpose in mind but simply to investigate and see what’s out there.

Or maybe it was the courses you took in school that you wondered where will I ever use this?

I’m sure we all have these moments.

Well today I’m going to meet up with my advisor from grad school, Dr. Harold Weger.

Harold may have taught me nothing about exercise physiology or nutrition but he definitely instilled many of the habits and skills I use on a daily basis that allow me to succeed at what I do.

Harold was the one who impressed upon me:
* To carry a notebook and write down every step I performed in the lab. To this day I am more likely to leave the house without my cell phone or glasses than my notebook.

* To read research critically and evaluate it based on the hypothesis, methods and results. His famous saying was ‘the take home message’ meaning the most crucial point of a study you should understand.

* To not get caught up in hype and marketing but to see value in something for the benefits it offered. In grad school I was probably the only grad student giving presentations on overhead sheets instead of powerpoint but under Harold’s tutelage I was a contender in the student’s presentation at a national conference.

* To bring passion to what I do every day. If class started at 8:30 am you knew you’d have 3 pages of notes by 8:35 because the guy was so excited about he was teaching us it was as though he felt there wasn’t a moment to waste and he had all this great info he needed to share with us. You couldn’t help but get excited about learning about zeoxanthins, iron chelation and chemostat theory!

So what the heck does this have to with fitness, performance and overall health?

Honestly, not a heck of a lot.

But sometimes we can’t understand some of the things that are asked of us.

And sometimes it’s difficult to get up the motivation and energy to act as though we actually want to be doing some of these things.

But here’s the cool thing about it.

Doing these things makes you stronger.

They build character.

And somewhere someone is watching you and being influenced by your passion, energy, excitement and overall attitude about what it is you are doing.

Someone thinks the things you do are pretty cool and looks up to you.

So take that opportunity to show them that exercise, rest, nutrition are positive things in your life that give you so many benefits that you couldn’t imagine not sharing it with them.

Because although this person may never do monumental things in the area of health, fitness or performance it will improve their life and allow them to do what they are passionate about that much better.

Have a great weekend,

Chris                                                                                                                                  ‘always moving forward’