Too Much of a Good Thing

There are certain things in life that are good for us. For example, as the winter approaches we know the importance of vitamin D and getting exposure to sunlight. Unfortunately, flying to a beach vacation and spending the whole day in the sun may result in sun stroke and sun burn.

Rotational Core Training

It seems like a core training is a staple of every training program regardless of the goal.

Good Exercise Done Wrong – Stir the Pot

There are a few staples most people look to include in their workouts regardless of the goal. It doesn’t matter if the goal is weight loss, sports performance or rehab everyone recognizes the value of doing some type of core work.

3 Common Push-up Mistakes

If you asked people who work out what is one the most basic bodyweight exercises you can do, what do you think the answers would include?

Good Exercises Done Wrong – Stability Ball Hands to Feet

I remember a number of years ago when I first got started in the training industry. And I attended a fitness conference down in Vancouver.

Keiser Functional Trainer at OPP

So we’ve picked up a new toy for the clients of Okanagan Peak Performance Inc. Obviously it’s not a toy but a tool. And we can use it for almost everything we need to do with a client. We can train for strength and power with it. We can move it all planes and angles. And we can track loads and watts to be able measure improvements.

What is this new tool?

A Lengthened Spine For Optimal Perfomance

Necks are kind of interesting when it comes to training.

Depending on what a particular neck looks like it can either give us the impression of fitness or fatness.

And there are even images that come to mind to describe these two types of physiques. If someone is heavily muscled we can picture them with strong traps that run alongside a strong neck.

Top 5 Tips to Performing Rollouts Properly

Alright so we’re talking about roll outs.

And while these are a great exercise I see so many people doing them wrong. So I had to write this post to help all those people with great intentions but mis-guided efforts.

Why We Love the Roll Out as a Core Drill

If you spent any amount of time training with us you’ll know we’re big fans of roll outs as part of our core training.

What’s the big deal with roll outs?


What You Might be Doing Wrong with Your Core Training

If there’s one thing most people like about working out it’s core training.

This transcends age, goal, sport, training history, sex and geographic boundaries. Every client I meet with, whether performance or fitness oriented, expresses a stronger core as one of their goals.