Your Car As A Metaphor for Your Nutrition

Nutrition seems to be the area people struggle with the most when it comes to taking control of their health. The exercise can be fairly straight forward but not easy.

Are Carbs the Cause of Obesity?

Alright it’s time for a pop quiz. And today the question is ‘What’s the best way nutritionally to achieve a weight loss goal?’

How much, what and when to eat

Nutrition is an interesting topic. For some, they treat it like religion. But it isn’t like religion at all. It doesn’t matter what I believe. Instead what should matter is what the research tells us to be true. We can decide to accept science or not.

Eat Your Carbs…Except These

When it comes to nutrition, carbohydrates are an interesting topic. You either find people fall into one of three categories when it comes to this macro-nutrient.

When Protein + Veggies Don’t Work

Life is rarely a series of absolutes. There are few times when we always ‘do this’ or never ‘do that’. Oftentimes an answer to a question from a client might be prefaced with ‘it depends…’.

Top 7 Nutritional Fails

Whenever we have an inquiry from a client interested in training at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc we sit down and do a strategy session with them. 

The Top Nutritional Myths

Before I get to today’s blog I wanted to show you a quick picture from last weekend’s Hallowe’en party. Our friends LM and MM always seem to out do themselves with their parties. And this year was no exception. If over-indulging helps us to resist nutritional lapses down the road than I should be good for a while.

Good Efforts Gone Bad With PWO Shakes

One thing I really hate to see is wasted efforts.

You know what I mean?

It’s tough to see somebody make an effort towards a goal that not only is it not giving them the benefit they had hoped for it’s actually counter productive.

Consider the case of a post-workout shake.


Common Pre-Workout Nutrition Mistake

This past weekend my wife and I went out for something to eat. This is in itself is not that uncommon. What was a nice change was the experience we had.

We went to Memphis Blues which is owned by a friend of mine Andre. You can tell Andre runs a tight ship because everyone that works there acts like they own the place. And I don’t mean that in a negative way.