Sprint Triathlon for Team OPP

One of the characteristics that define living things is that they respond to stimuli. In other words there is a response as a result of some external cause or action.

For example blow in a baby’s face and they will blink and hold their breath. Swim instructors will use this technique before a baby is submerged in a pool.

***By the way, you may notice more references to babies in coming blog posts. It’s what we talk about at our house these days.***

Anyways, we need this stimuli for there to be a response. And the more varied the stimuli the better. This helps us develop more complete neural patterns.

Think of all the things we do the same way everyday.

We probably brush our teeth with the same hand. We use the computer mouse with the same hand. We probably get dressed the same way. And mow our lawn in the same pattern.

You get the idea.

So if the stimuli is infrequent or not varied there is a reduction in the response of the nervous system. Our brains get to take a shift off. And we don’t grow as much as we could.

In order to be your best you need to constantly challenge yourself. You need to step up to the line and see where you stand. Wh

ere are you at with your training? What do you need to work on? What could be better?

While we can self assess to get an idea of where everything is at this doesn’t compare to entering a race or event. When you compete you can’t have any excuses. You have to battle through conditions that are less than ideal. You have to work with the way things unfold on a given day.

Sometimes this can be malfunctioning equipment. Or cold weather. Or a change in the schedule. Or travel complications.

There are lots things which can let you down.

But know this.

Your effort and commitment cannot be one of them. You push through a strong head wind. You adjust to a later start than expected. You deal with faulty or broken equipment the best you can.

And you go for it!

This weekend the staff of Okanagan Peak Performance Inc and some of our clients will be taking part in the Summerland Sprint Triathlon. The race involves a 750 meter swim, a 20 km bike ride and a 5 km run.

Some of us aren’t swimmers.

Some of us aren’t cyclists.

And most of us don’t do much distance running.

But we will step up to the line and test ourselves. Personally I have a goal for a time in mind. I’ve never done a triathlon before so I don’t know how this will all go.

What’s my goal?

I want to be under 1 hour 15 minutes. In terms of splits I’d like to be under 15 minutes for the swim, 35 minutes for the bike and sub 25 minutes for the run.

The front runners will be coming in around an hour and maybe even just under.

What’s the take home message from all of this?

Enter a race or competitive event of some type. It gives purpose to your training. It sets you up with some automatic training partners. And it gives you a measuring stick as to how you’re doing with your training.

Plus it’s a lot of fun.

Joining me will be Megan, Matt, Jim, Sarah & Chris. Updates and photos to come.




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