My Weekend Trip to Spokane

Have you ever done something that you thought ‘This is not what I signed up for’ or ‘I’m not sure if I want to be doing this’?

This is how I felt last weekend.

I was done to Spokane to play in a charity golf tournament for a foundation that supports families of kids with cancer. And this is not the part I had regrets about.

Instead it had to do with Saturday morning. Actually let’s back that up. It all started on Friday night.

I drove down to Washington and arrived at my friend Tim’s place to find out he was over another friend’s house for ‘men’s night’. Now I wasn’t sure what this meant but since getting up at 5 am, working all day and then driving almost 6 hours I wasn’t overly upset about missing out and potentially getting to sleep a little earlier.

But Tim, being the good friend and gracious host that he is, came home to bring me back to the party. As we drove up to the home where this was all happening I thought to myself ‘are we on the set of MTV cribs?’

Let’s just say this was a beautiful home with lots of food, beer, wine and drinks of every kind. I was introduced to a CAT-5 which is a drink with ties to New Orleans and hurricanes. At about 1230 am I thought it was time to go when we were all summoned outside for steaks.

Now I understand most things Americans say but this made sense. I mean we had already eaten and had more than our fill of drink when I realized they had steaks ready on the Green Egg.

***quick side note…if you’ve never tried food on a Green Egg you don’t know what you’re missing***

By 230 am Tim and I were able to thank our gracious host and make our way back to his place. It was around this time that I found out the Tough Mudder team I would be competing with in Seattle had foregone their Friday workout so I could lead them through a training session on Saturday.

At 6 am.

As my head hit the pillow I kept thinking I’ve got a little over 2 hours to sleep this off and then lead a training session for a group of guys that I’ve never met. But Tim, being the great guy he is, had given me some kind of superhero status, and expectations were a little higher than normal.

At 5 am I got out of bed totally disoriented and forgetting where I was. By the time 6 am rolled around and we met up with the rest of our team I thought again ‘this isn’t what I signed up for’.

But we ended getting in a good hill run and workout on the playground equipment down at the park. About half way through I started to get my second wind and finally stepped up to help the guys out with some training options and exercises to fill the gaps of what was missing from the program.

We finished up the training session with the long hill climb home to Tim’s place and I was feeling good about not sleeping in. I was feeling good coming out training with these guys. And I was feeling good about my decision to enter a race with these guys.

And since it was Saturday I was really looking forward to my cheat day when I get to indulge a little bit with some sweet and savoury treats. Think nachos, ice cream, pizza, beer…

And it was at this point my bubble was burst when I found out this particular Saturday would be a day of fast at Tim’s household. And I thought to myself ‘this is not what I signed up for…”

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