5 Reasons for an Immediate Post-Workout Shake

The other day we were finishing a Group Fitness Training workout and I passed out shakes to those who had joined us. Yeah, that’s right. From time to time you get rewarded for coming out for a training session on a long weekend.

Anyways as we were sitting back and drinking our shakes someone asked me why we would have a shake? Why was this important?

So if one person wonders about this there are problem more with the same question. Below are 5 Reasons for an Immediate Post-Workout Shake.

#1 – It Initiates the Repair Process

Whenever we perform an intense resistance based workout there is some damage to the myofascial system. There is microtrauma that occurs to the muscles and we need to supply nutrients in the form of amino acids and carbohydrates to repair this damage.

Drinking a post-workout shake with 22 grams of whey protein supplies just the right amount of protein to do the job. Just make sure there is some carbs in there as well.

#2 – It Replenishes Glycogen

Gylcogen is the body’s stored form of carbohydrate. When we exercise our body draws on this source of fuel to allow us to lift, sprint, jump or anything else that might berequire speed or strength.

We store glycogen in our muscles and in our liver. A post-workout shake replaces the energy we used to exercise which is crucial especially if our goal involves an element of competition.

#3 – It Takes Advantage of the Window of Opportunity


The table to the left compares how an amino acid phenylalanine is delivere at 4 different times: at rest, during exercise, an hour after training and 2 hours post training.

Do you see the trend?

The longer you wait after training the less nutrients are supplied.

#4 – It Establishes a Good Habit 

Habits are funny things. We hear about how long they take to become established. And how hard they are to break.

From a training side we want to see good habits repeated frequently. It shows a higher level of focus and determination towards reaching ones goal.

You need to be commited to the training, the rest and the nutrtition. This is one piece of the puzzle.

Reason #5 –It’s in Gourmet Nutrition

Ok so this one really isn’t a reason for post-workout nutrition.

But it is a great resource that supports your training efforts.

It’s a book written by a colleague out of Toronto, Dr. John Berardi. Some of you will be familiar with Dr. Berardi’s work and maybe you’ve sampled some of it as well.

What makes this nutritional book any better than the rest?

Well, three things.

1. It’s easy to follow.

The ingredients are quite common. The prep and cooking times are reasonable. And you don’t need a high level of cooking experience.

2. It’s nutritionally sound.

How often have you tried a new meal or recipe only to find out later how bad it was for you nutritionally? Not much fun, is it?

This book is based on the correct ratios of protein, carbs and fats to support your goals. It incorporates the best quality ingredients so you don’t have to feel like you’re cheating anytime you prepare one of the recipes.

3. It tastes awesome.

To be fair I haven’t tried everything in the book. But anything that has come my way via Dr. B in the past has been delicious. And the people who do have the book all love.

Special Offer

I looked at our local bookstores and didn’t find any at the biggest store and found one copy at an independent. So I contacted Dr. B and said I had a number of friends that want a copy. So we’re putting in a bulk order.

It retails for $42 and is worth every penny.

I’ll be putting in an order asap so let me know if you’d like one for yourself or someone you know.

All the best,

Chris                                                                                                                                                                    okanaganpeakperformance.com

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6 Responses to 5 Reasons for an Immediate Post-Workout Shake

  1. Emilienne Hardy says:

    Good Morning Chris,
    I would love to purchase one book to share with Ellen and I.
    Thank You for doing this.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Emily: You got it. And we’ve got a trial for some training when you’re ready to come in. Compliments of Ellen.


  2. Gretchen says:

    I have been struggling to eat correctly for a long time and Gourmet Nutrition is the answer. It is specifically geared to people who workout by listing the post workout meals and the anytime meals. It includes a guide that layouts out meal planning based on what time of the day you workout! The food is easy to make and delicious. Love it! Thanks so much Chris!

  3. Anny says:

    Hey Chris,

    Have heard lots about this and as a person who actually loves to cook, I am looking forward to the challenge!
    Please count me in for one!

    Great workout yesterday! Thanks!! See you tomorrow.

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