Mindset Leads to Impressive Results

Every now and again we like to let you know of a client that has made tremendous gains in their training. And whether the goal is rehab, weight loss or sports performance we can all learn from the success of others. What allowed for this person to have success? And would this work for me?

Today Megan aka Mean Megan aka the Terrorist takes a turn on the blog here to to profile the success of a client. I’ll step aside and leave it to Megan.

Hey guys,

Do any of you know someone that you just love to rave about? Well luckily for me I have lots to choose from. And for me there’s nothing better than seeing those same people succeed in their training goals. So I decided that every few weeks or so I would put a spotlight on one particular client to showcase not only their achievements but also the challenges they have faced so far in training.

I truly believe that it can take just one person’s story to help change another’s, and that’s what I want to achieve here today. Give people the hope that it is possible. You know it won’t be easy, but if you really want it you can do anything!

So without further ado, the first person I would like to introduce you to is none other than…….. my Mom, Sue Gorges. I know I might be a bit bias here, because to me she is the epitome of strength inside and out of the gym, but I think she deserves a lot of credit for how far she has come with us here at OPP.

Now normally I would write this in my own words, but who better to tell you her journey than my mom herself. It may be a bit longer blog than you’re used to, but from personal experience she is an exceptional writer and I think you will really enjoy it.

So here she is.

Life’s challenges and struggles can become overwhelming. Their heaviness weighs you down and it seems to take all the energy you have to just get through the day. The thought of exercise or even stepping out of your comfort zone into something new is terrifying. Eating becomes one of life’s few pleasures and a constant friend to turn to when you’re not sure what else to do. The weight starts to creep on slowly, clothes don’t fit anymore and self esteem fades. It’s a mindset that is hard to break. You convince yourself of all the reasons for not trying to change.

I was at the point of always being tired, even if I didn’t do anything. I seemed to have indigestion all the time and heartburn from everything I ate. I just felt “crappy” all the time. My dear daughter’s continuous invitation to try the gym was at first quite annoying! But she didn’t give up on me and I came to think I would start when I was mentally ready. I didn’t know how long that might be though? But, I finally faced my fears and self-doubt and said OK I’m ready-let’s do this! When you feel like you’re at the bottom, the only way to go is up.

I saw a significant weight loss the first month and I was excited. But I have to say that I have had the pleasure of meeting some very special people at the gym. And for some reason they reached out to me and have supported and encouraged me. Yelled at me when I needed to hear it and believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. They make me laugh even when I hurt or am gasping for breath. Their encouragement has touched me deeply and I will be forever grateful. Not only has my body started to change, but the fog in my head has begun to clear and I see things differently. I have found the self-confidence I had lost.

When I first started, every exercise and station was difficult. When being shown the circuit for the day all I could think was “I cant do that” or “I don’t want to do that one”, or “oh no, not that!!!” Now I say to myself “ok, I can do that”, or “I’m not going to give up until I can do that!” I’m beginning to see how using proper breathing can make a huge difference in my strength and my endurance. It’s working!!! And that is very exciting. I’ve definitely changed my eating habits, and many of the foods I used to crave I no longer have a craving for. And if I do eat something less than healthy, my body really lets me know. It just doesn’t sit well in my stomach anymore. The better I eat, the better my stomach feels and the better I feel in general.

At first I was very nervous about my gym sessions. I’d tell myself “I can’t do this and what have I gotten myself into?” I didn’t feel like I belonged there. But the staff always treated me with respect and encouragement. Even when I hurt my shoulder and decided I should take some time off, I was encouraged to keep coming and we would work around it. “Damn! Thought I could get out of this for a while! NO WAY.” But in the end, “Thank you for that!” Even though there are all levels of athletes working out, I now feel like I belong. My life is scheduled around my gym time as much as possible. The confidence I have gained these last several months has helped me deal with my outside life the same way. I am strong and capable of change if I set my mind to it!

The hardest part of this journey has just been to say, “OK-lets do this! I want this for me.” I now wear the clothes I haven’t been able to wear for several years. I never thought that would be possible at this point in my life. But the power of exercise to improve my state of mind has been life changing. Not only is my body stronger, but my mind is clearer and I find a challenging workout exhilarating!

So bring it on!!!

(Chris here again)

Well said Sue!

It’s amazing the transformation that has taken place in the short time Sue has been training with us. Besides the inches and pounds dropped the change in confidence and self-esteem is dramatic. We have witnessed her go from using 9 lbs to 40 lbs kettlebells! Workout stations that previously would have left her gasping for air she now attacks with ease.

One day when I was finishing some work with the Prowler Sue came out in the alley to take a turn herself. I thought myself ‘the sled is loaded with 310 lbs, this should be interesting!’

Well Sue dragged that sled down the alley like it was nothing. I don’t know if I was more impressed or devasted?

But that seems to be Sue’s character. Put something in front of her and challenge her to do it. Not only will she surprise you she will typically motivate others at the same.

Keep training hard Sue. You deserve all the results you achieve.


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5 Responses to Mindset Leads to Impressive Results

  1. Greg duManoir says:

    Yet another reason I love this place.

    Congrats Sue for facing those challenges and to Megan for continuing with positive encouragement.

  2. Jordy Kreller says:

    Congrats Sue!! You can definately see the amazing changes! You have a fantastic attitude towards your training! Your hard work as gotten you this far and you have so much potential to keep moving forward! You know what you have to do, and I know you will do whatever it takes. You always come out a winner! Great job Sue, I am so proud of you!!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Fantastic job Sue. I remember feeling like you did when I started working out with Chris. It’s such an amazing feeling when your body starts responding to eating well and training!!

  4. Matt Baumeister says:


    Keep up the great work! It has been fantastic to not only read about, but to share in your successes! Such a wonderfully written article! Thanks to both Megan and Sue for this fine contribution.

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