Optimal Health and Performance

Hi there: Have you ever noticed that when you are ready to do something to improve your health through fitness and nutrition the list of things to do can seem overwhelming? I’m referring to things such as trying to eat 5 small meals a day, to drinking a glass of water for every 15 pounds of body weight or to ensuring that the workouts are intense and resistance based. We can sometimes do everything on the list for the first few days then the weekend comes. Maybe we get busy and don’t have time to plan out proper meals. Perhaps work causes us to be out of town unexpectedly and we can’t access quality food and hydration as easily as at home. Whatever the reasons that come between us and optimal nutrition and activity the fact remains that change is never easy and we’ll have the greatest chance of success when we tackle one task at a time.

I am currently working on a project to facilitate incorporating all of the things that are necessary for optimal health and performance. You will have a plan to jump start the holidays and make 2009 your best ever. Included in this plan are simple things you can do to optimize your training and eating to be as efficient with your workouts and as thorough with your meal planning. Watch your email in the near future for details on this project and how you can take advantage of numberous health tips that are common sense and science based.

On another note would you or someone you know be interested in 1 month of training 3 days per week for $1? I want to ensure that the best ways to stay lean, have pain-free joints and energy to do what we enjoy is available for all so I am making this offer. Shoot me a reply if you’re interested for all the details. Obviously there are space and time considerations so contact me asap to avoid disappointment!

ps…if you read my last email you may have noticed all of the health and fitness organizations based out of Colorado Springs including USA Hockey, the NSCA, the Olympic Training Facility, The US Air Force Academy, Colorado College and the University of Colorado. It should come as no surprise that Colorado has the lowest body fat of all 50 states and D.C. You are a product of your environment good or bad and in this case good.

Yours in health.


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