OPP goes to Summer School

This is the time of year when university students are writing their final exams. And elementary schools are planning their year end field trips and beginning to wrap up another academic year. While school is just getting out for those in formal education OPP is about to head back to the classroom.

We have a number of educational opportunities lined up for this summer including:

1. The Seattle Sounders Sports Science Weekend

Dave Tenney, sports science and performance manager for the Sounders, has done a great job in organizing this 3 day event. Not only will participants have the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business on everything related to training for soccer the registration is capped at 90. Smaller events such as this tend to offer more opportunities for questions and interaction with the speakers as well as networking with other attendees.

If you are involved with the sport of soccer as an athlete, coach, parent or administrator make sure to talk to us about what your team’s training needs are and how we can help.

2. Training for Hockey Clinic

Okanagan Peak Performance Inc is heavily involved with training hockey players. We approach our training with a three pronged approach which includes: minimizing the potential for injury, enhancing on-ice performance and extending performance for as many years as possible.

To that end there is no better event to attend than the NSCA Training for Hockey Clinic in Colorado Springs, CO. Not only is Colorado Springs a mecca in terms of fitness as it is the home of the USA Olympic Training Facility, USA Hockey, NSCA Headquarters, US Airforce Academy, Active Release Techniques and others I’m sure but it will also be the site of this 2 day clinic on everything related to training for hockey.

3. Okanagan Strength & Conditioning Conference (OSCC)

The 3rd Annual installment of the OSCC takes place this year on the 25-26 of July right here in Kelowna. No longer do valley or even BC residents for that matter have to travel to various parts of the USA to see the same industry leaders that we bring and host in Kelowna every year.

Our goal each year is to bring in the best practitioners in the field of strength and conditioning that deliver interesting and useful content. These are people that work in the trenches with athletes or in the lab producing research. And these are the people that are so passionate about what they do they spend extra time at our Friday banquet interacting with the attendees to give them all the help they need.

To receive all the updates regarding the OSCC make sure to click the button on our facebook event page here.

4. Perform Better Summit (Long Beach)

This event happens in early August down in California and it’s a tradition of Okanagan Peak Performance Inc. We take our whole team down for this one and then cover as much of the content as possible. And that’s exactly the dilemma with attending this type of event. There are 4 tracks of presentations occurring at the same time over 3 days. And so we are lucky with having a number of us attend that we are able to learn from as many of the experts as possible.

But after three hard, long days of learning we need to unwind. This typically involves a day at the beach boogie boarding as well as some roller coasters at Magic Mountain. Check out the photo album at the front desk to see some pics of these trips. And there may or may not be a trip or two to In N Out Burger.

Well there you have our summer school plans. If you are wondering about any of these events make sure to let us know. And if you are interested in attending the Okanagan Strength & Conditioning Conference make sure to let us know as well.

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  1. Kayla says:

    Looks like it’s going to be a great summer of learning!

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