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Hi there: Two quick topics today; one is nutritional the other at the bottom has all the details for $1 for 1 Month of Fitness Coaching.

Having just returned from the NSCA International Conference on Strength Training in Colorado Springs I learned lot about how the body gets stronger. While the presentations were amazing the networking was as good if not better. The meal breaks during the conference were included with your registration so you could sit down to eat lunch next some pretty intelligent and passionate people. Over lunch I was able to pick the brains of a dietician, Shawn Wells, and a medical doctor, Dr. Dana House, for some valuable nutritional and medical advice.
One of the current themes that came up repeatedly was the importance of dose, timing, content and frequency when it comes to proper eating. I’ll use the next few emails to expound on each of these starting with dose.

Dose refers to the amount of something. This can refer to food choices both good and bad. For example we can determine the dose of our B vitamins, the amount of fiber we eat or how many glasses of water we drink. At the same time we can also monitor how many refined carbohydrates, trans fats and alcohol we consume. The importance is to know the amount of our choices so we can more easily determine the benefit or detriment they will have on our health and performance. For those who are familiar with the glycemic index we can see how dose is important.

The Glycemic Index is a measure of carbohydrates that indicates how quickly they will be absorbed into the cells. Low glycemic index carbs are absorbed more slowly into the cells whereas high glycemic index carbs are absorbed more quickly. A quick google search will provide a list of where your favorite foods fit on this list.

The Glycemic Load combines both the dose, or the amount, of a carbohydrate with its glycemic index rating to give you a better overall picture of the effect a food choice will have on your body. For example a large dose of a low glycemic food such as a blueberries may have more impact on the cells of the body than a very small dose of a high glycemic food such as white bread. Make sense?

In the next emails I’ll get into the remaining three considerations of timing, content and frequency.

All the best.


Hi : Thanks for inquiring about the 1 Month of Group Fitness Coaching for $1. The response has been overwhelming so be sure let me know your preferred time when registering. Below are the details and some FAQs.


Training runs on a monthly basis
Training days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Choice of morning (530 am, 615 am, 7 am, 745 am) and afternoon (3 pm, 345 pm) training times
Partial classes may be combined
Training is based out of World Gym, Kelowna location
There is no training on holidays
All coaches are NSCA certified (nsca-lift.org) and have university degrees
Registration is confirmed upon receipt of full payment
Please specify preferred training time upon registration

Cheques payable to Okanagan Peak Performance and sent to:

Okanagan Peak Performance
PO Box 20129
RPO Towne Centre
Kelowna, BC V1Y 9H2


Q. What’s the catch?
A. There is a 3 month commitment to the program. The first two month’s are $300 each and the third month is $1. When this is averaged out over 3 months it works out to $200 per month.

Q. Why the 3 month commitment?
A. For a number of reasons including: to do a thorough job of aligning your body, to correct compensations and to ensure proper technique. Plus most physiological changes can take up to 8 weeks to notice. These necessitate a 3 month program.

Q. Are there any other fees?
A. No, you pay no extra fees for the program; no gym membership, no initiation fees, no equipment for you to purchase and no pressure to buy anything else. In fact not only are there no other fees but there actually extra bonuses to be had!

Q. What are these bonuses?
A. If you register by Wednesday November 19, 2008 you pay NO GST and you receive FREE admission to attend our upcoming seminar. If you register by Wednesday November 26, 2008 you pay the GST but receive a FREE admission to the upcoming seminar. Future bonuses may include gift certificates for massages, training gear or in-home chef service. In addition you will gain FREE insider access to our updated website including; archived articles, a library of exercises and stretches, a member’s forum and many other resources. Finally, we know you will enjoy and benefit from the program so much that you will want to bring friends or family to try a session for FREE.

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