How to Visualize Success

Have you read the Da Vinci Code? Or any of Dan Brown’s books? They’re kind of fun if you’re looking for a good fictional escape.

Recently I read The Lost Symbol by the same author and featured Robert Langdon as the protagonist. In the movies this character is portrayed by Tom Hanks. Anyways, one of the other characters in this book is a scientist and their area of research is noetic science. This looks at the power of the mind and the effect it has on the physical world.

Anyways after finishing this book a number of stories in the gym demonstrated the power of the mind. And they both involve golf. The first story involves Mike Lee.

Do you know Mike? He’s the English sommelier and comes in early mornings during the week. While he trains for health and to feel good a major part of his training is related to golf.

An up close image of a golf club next to a ball on tee

Mental strength and visualization is huge in golf.

Last week Mike messaged me to share that he had one of his best rounds ever at the Harvest golf course. I asked what he attributed to this success? And here’s what he hold me.

He said he had played with a couple of tourists that had never played the course before. And so on each hole he was giving them clear notes on how to successfully manage each shot to achieve the best score. I wasn’t there but I would guess it went something like this.

‘This is hole 8 which although is a par 5 plays more like a long par 4. From the tee you want to aim for the tallest of the 3 trees on the left. When you clear those trees that will put you right in the middle of the fairway just past the 150 yard marker at about 130 yards out. You’ll have a straight shot to the green but it is tiered so go one club length longer than you normally would. And aim to the left of the pin as everything on the green funnels from right to  left. Once on the green realize that they play fairly quickly and there is a slight down bump in the green at the front where a sprinkler was repaired a few years ago.’ 

By describing each hole out loud Mike told himself what he would do on each hole. He mentioned that his playing partners commented on his ability to break down each hole for them and then proceed to do what he said to do.

Some experts estimate we have upwards of 50,000, or more, thoughts per day. Unfortunately a high percentage of those thoughts can negative.

‘I can’t do this’

‘I’m going to be late’

‘Will he/she like me?’

You would think the first step would be to change our thoughts to positive ones. i.e. I am going to hit the ball 280 yards and land it just past the 150 yard marker.

The next level would be to say this same thought out load.

After that it would be say it loud in the presence of others.

And the last step would be go out and do what we not only thought and said in our minds but that we articulated with others to witness. This almost becomes like a promise to ourselves with others to hold us accountable.

We gain a huge amount of strength and courage when we do what we say we will. This also boosts our integrity as we feel are people of our word. And this gives us confidence to repeat our actions and have success again.

The Take Home Message

Are you struggling with achieving a goal? And is mindset part of it?

If so, try visualizing what success would look like? i.e. think about hitting the perfect shot as Mike described to his playing partners. Next say in your mind what you will do to succeed. Next say this out loud. And lastly say it with others around. And not just with others in the room but when you are speaking with someone about your goals. Finish it up with taking action. Motion creates emotion. With each effort you will win or learn. And that helps with the next effort going forward.

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