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On a scale of 1-10 how good is your nutrition? Or better yet, if we evaluated your nutrition in terms of the quality what number would you give it on the same scale? (assuming 1 be to poor quality and 10 would the best possible)

How would you rate the amount of calories you eat in a day? If 1 meant the absolute wrong amount (high or low) and 10 meant the perfect amount based on your goals, age, sex, occupation and training demands.

Lastly how would you rate the timing of your meals on a 1-10 if a 1 meant terrible timing and missing meals altogether and a 10 meant always fueling your body for optimal health and performance?

For most people these would be some hard questions to answer. They might not know how much they should eat and probably don’t weigh, measure or track their intake to know how much they eat.

As well, many people might have a misunderstanding as to what constitutes healthy nutrition. Do this mean organic? Gluten-free? Natural? Vegan? Vegetarian? Low cal? Low carb? Fat free? Eating the right macros?

Lastly, what is the consensus on meal timing? Should you eat 3 squares a day? Or maybe 5-6 smaller meals? What about intermittent fasting? Can you eat at night?

Confused about nutrition? You're not alone.

Confused about nutrition? You’re not alone.

The more you think about it the more confusing it can get. But it gets worse.

As we just described above many people don’t have the knowledge of a dietician to know everything there is to know about eating healthily.

And some people may have a good knowledge on the nutritional basics but they just don’t have the time. Maybe work has them on the road more days than they are home which doesn’t leave much opportunity to plan, shop and prepare meals for the week.

Lastly, there are also some people who just don’t have the interest or motivation to look after their nutrition during the week. Maybe they don’t enjoy the process? Maybe their culinary creations didn’t turn out as they had hoped and they couldn’t stomach what they made themselves.

After working with thousands of clients over the years we know many people don’t eat breakfast. And many don’t eat lunch. What ends up happening is at best A) some type of sit-down restaurant or worse B) food through a window or worse yet C) coffee runs and sugar fixes.

But’s lets face it…even people who have the knowledge, time and motivation to prepare their own meals for the week wouldn’t mind if this was done for them. What would you do with the time savings of not having to plan, shop and prep all of your meals? More time with family? A fun activity you enjoy? Read? Have a nap?

It doesn’t really matter what you do with the time you’ve just freed up. It’s just nice to know you’ve found anywhere from 3-5 hours in your week that didn’t exist previously.

***quick aside…how many of you know someone who doesn’t have time to exercise? Maybe that’s an excuse you’ve used in the past. Now with 3-5 hours freed up in their schedules there is more than enough time to achieve any fitness goal.***

So how do we go from not having the time, knowledge or motivation to eat healthily to ensuring this is accomplished every day?

And how can you experience this as well to free up 3-5 hours in your schedule, get more out of your training sessions, have better health and have more time for the things you love to do?

Well there’s a bit of a story behind the answer to these. And rather than have me try to tell the story let’s go straight to the source.

Meet Allie Henderson who is the owner of Temple Foods. Allie delivers delicious meals and snacks to your home and business on a daily business. Allie and I connected recently and we had the opportunity to learn about each other’s businesses. And while I believed in the concept I needed to sample the product first before I could recommend it to any of our clients and family.

About to dig in to all this nutritional awesomeness.

About to dig in to all this nutritional awesomeness.

And you can know by the fact that I’m writing this blog that I was impressed. The foods were delivered on time, fresh and with an appetizing presentation. All the meals are prepared in mason jars and I made sure all were returned empty 🙂

But let me step aside and introduce Allie. Below my questions by CC and Allie’s responses will be AH.

CC: Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

AH: My name is Allie Henderson. I was born and raised in Kelowna (graduating from KSS), but I’ve lived in many different places including Corfu, Greece, Toronto, Vancouver, Atlanta Georgia, and Oliver/Osoyoos, BC. I moved and lived according to my sports – growing up I rode show jumpers in the equestrian world, and in my 20’s I took on freestyle motocross and became one of the only women in the world to jump and trick a dirt bike over a 75 foot gap.

CC: A 75 foot gap! That’s crazy!

So how did Temple Foods come about? And what does the name refer to?

AH:Temple Foods came from a bad accident I had on my dirt bike, where I over jumped a landing ramp, hit my stomach on my bars causing my pancreas to hit my spine and split in half on impact. I was taken in for emergency surgery and spent the next five weeks in KGH, in and out of surgeries, dealing with a collapsed lung, infections, my incision erupting – basically going through hell trying to heal.

But it was during that time that i learnt the value of my health and saw just how incredible it is; no matter what it was going through, its sole purpose was to heal. I gained a new respect for my health, my body and made a new standard in my life for how I was going to treat it.

While doing the research to learn more about my body and its needs, I learnt a lot about plant-based, whole-food diets, how food can be a medicine or a poison, and saw just how corrupt our cultures food systems are. But cooking plant-based, whole-food meals is a lot of work and I understand why the average person doesn’t do it and opts for take out or something from a box. However, I figured if one person does all the work for a multitude of people, every “body” wins. So I’ve been growing off that belief ever since.

The name came from a business mentor and good friend. I was on the back of his motorcycle during a one month tour of both islands in New Zealand and I was constantly sharing my business idea with him for wisdom and insight. One day while we were coasting, I asked him what I thought I should name my company and he said, “Temple, cause your body is a temple.” Though I don’t practice a specific religion today, I grew up in Christian home and knew the meaning well. I liked it, it sat well and felt right.

Temple Foods makes eating well convenient. We deliver breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks fresh to your home or work place Monday – Friday. We source as much as we can from local farms, and use the ingredients to create balanced, ready to eat meals for you. It is our mission is to serve your body the best fuel possible so that you have a strong foundation of health, vitality and energy to create your life from.

CC: That’s great. I like it. Every ‘body’ wins.

OK, so how do you come up with the meal plans? And are there any other members of your team?

AH: Meal plans and menus are created around the seasons and what’s available at the local markets and according to our clients preferences. They are very engaged with what we do and let us know their favourites so we can recreate them!

Tiff Anderson is our new chef and she’s incredible. She’s been a private chef for local families over the years, as well as a yoga teacher. Hiring her is like giving every one of our clients their own private chef, but without the huge price tag that comes with that.

CC: That’s awesome Allie.

And now I’m sure many of our clients are thinking they’d like to know more and possibly do a trial of having their weekday meals prepared and delivered to them.

Allie has generously offered to do a two week trial of her service at an incredible rate of $29 per day! This will save you 42% off the regular investment for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks delivered to you daily.

I’m sure all our clients living in the Kelowna area will want to give this a try. It’s exciting to know one of the major steps to better health and fitness will be done for you.

This offer is only for two weeks and only during the month of July. You can sign up my emailing us or by signing up on the form at the desk.



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