Chin ups and TGUs at 70 years young

Hey! How’s it going? It’s Megan here and I’ve got a great success story to share with you.

This story is about Lorie Talarico and she has realized some amazing results over the last bit with her training.

You know Lorie, right?


Out side of working full time as a beauty consultant at The Bay, Lorie likes to read in her spare time, do embroidery and in the summer spends lots of time gardening.

Now before I get to telling everything Lorie has achieved in a short amount of time I should back up and give you the background.

You see Lorie was someone who first came to us to see Chris and Okanagan Peak Performance Inc for advice.

“Actually, you could say that pain brought me to see you guys. Between getting hit by a truck while out walking and then ending up with sciatica, which is 24/7 pain, I felt I needed help. My goal was just to get and feel better.”

Maybe you can relate to Lorie in sharing these same challenges such as getting into an accident or having injuries, low back pain, or feeling intimidated, having an illness or something else standing in the way of optimal health?

But even though Lorie had these challenges before her, she still had the goal of getting stronger and being able to move better and freely without pain.

“Wow in the beginning I could barely move and getting down to start warm up exercises was very painful and humbling, as I could not get up with out assistance. It was tough to go to every class but I knew I had to get back into good condition. I had to deal with vertigo, back and hip pain and weakness in all of my muscles. The other challenge was how to fit exercise in with a full time job.”

So even though Lorie was facing many challenges as she got started she took this all on and has realized results. What kind of results? Well how about:
• Dropping 20 lbs
• Losing 15.5 inches overall
• Doing kettle bell swings with a 12 kg KB
• Trying assisted chin ups for the first time
• Working with battling ropes (for those of you who don’t know, these are quite challenging)
• Getting through the day pain-free
• And most successfully, getting up and off the floor with no assistance!

I think I was most proud of Lorie when she first was able to get up and down and move freely without assistance. And from that point on she has continued to improve, going from using the 5 lb dumbbells to the 25s. I also noticed how much more open she was to trying new things and challenging herself in new ways, like doing assisted chin-ups.

The best quote Lorie ever said to me came about 2 weeks after she came back to training, she had left for a bit when she was concerned with some pain she was having. She said to me “I don’t know why I ever left, I can still do all my training pain free.” And it’s funny from that point on I noticed a difference in how Lorie carried herself, how much she smiled, how much more outgoing she became and the overall difference this had on her.

And so I had to ask Lorie when were they first aware of these positive changes? And what do they think had the largest impact on these changes.

“Having Megan as a personal trainer with a program designed to help me get back to normal and beyond has been so rewarding. It goes to show you are never too old and at 70, I am doing more physical exercise that I ever did in my life. I am so thankful to you all at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc.”

Did you catch that last part? That’s not a typo. Lorie is 70 years young and is doing kettlebell swings, Turkish Get-Ups and chin-ups! Kind of makes you wonder what we’ll be able to do at the age as well? She’s so inspiring.

I am so proud of Lorie for achieving everything she has set her mind to, and continuing to progress every time she is in here. While these are impressive results they are available to anyone who sets their mind to achieving success and then gives it their all.

Way to go Lorie! We are all proud of you and can’t wait to see what more you can achieve.

All the best,

Okanagan Peak Performance Inc.

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