Martin Rooney’s Long Beach Presentation

Normally I write the majority of the blog posts. But every now and again I like to step back and let someone else take the lead.

I encourage our staff to do this as much as possible. Write, that is.  In school I was never a very good writer and I’m sure there’s a few of you that are thinking to yourselves ‘you still aren’t very good!’

That’s ok. I’m working on it. And I’m getting better.

And this helps me to be a better communicator. And hopefully a better coach.

So I want the same for our team.

Today I step aside and let Jordy share with you her experience from the Perform Better Summit in Long Beach, CA. Now in my best Tonight Show impression….’heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Jordy!

Photo: Guess who's writing an upcoming blog post? Stay tuned for a recap on a session from Long Beach, CA.

The Okanagan Peak Performance crew and I went to a 3-day “Perform Better: Functional Training Summit” that took place in Long Beach, California from August 9-11. This conference included both lecture and hands-on sessions allowing us to not only listen to the speakers, but also take their information in our own hands. There were four sessions on at one time; two lectures and two hands on. However, the only problem with this is choosing which session to attend.

Do you go to the “one and only” Charlie Weingroff who was explaining “Joint Centration”, or do you go to Martin Rooney for some hands-on “Energy System Training”? After a few rounds of flipping a coin, I ended up attending the hands-on session with Martin Rooney and would crown this session as one of my favorites! I love any kind of hands-on sessions where you get to move and stay active while learning and applying it to your own clients.

Photo: Team Okanagan Peak Performance with Martin Rooney. Great energy and a fun guy to learn from.

The best part of this session was the energy that Martine Rooney brought to the room! You could stand outside and across the street and you would still be able to hear his voice. His energy kept you motivated to put everything you’ve got into any exercise you did! His warm-up was definitely the best part. He would make us repeat these words that made us sound like cavemen, yelling “HOH…HAH…OHHH…YAAAA!” Wow did that ever work!

After all the yelling and screaming, we started a circuit using battling ropes, ladders, kettle bells and medicine balls. Lots of the exercises we do at our gym (heck yes our gym is up to date!). One of the new exercises we learned was a step up from a normal kettle bell swing. As you swing the kettle bell forward, once it reaches shoulder height, you add in a drop squat. Man, coordination is needed in this exercise! Very tough! But shockingly after round 1 and 2, I was sweating! Yeah I know what your thinking, “Jordy sweating….we need proof!” But I really was!!!!

Not only did this session make me sweat, but also it made me be aware of how a HIGH ENERGY trainer can make all the difference in the output of the client. The passionate energy of your trainer will pass on to their client’s performance and motivate them to keep taking that next step forward!

Well said Jordy.

It’s great to see our staff getting so much knowledge from presenters like Martin Rooney. He is an industry leader and works with everyone from UFC fighters to NFL players.

And Jordy’s take-aways from this session were great. The warm-up is an essential part of the training program and can have a huge impact on the quality of the training that follows. Secondly, the energy of the coach or trainer can never be lacking. We always want to encourage our clients to do their best and know that we support them in all their efforts.

Stay tuned for more updates for the rest of the staff about their favourite sessions this summer.



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3 Responses to Martin Rooney’s Long Beach Presentation

  1. Tanya says:

    Hi guys, reading this gets me pumped up for when I can come back! Still working on my recovery, but hoping to start back in a few months.

    Take care,
    Tanya :)

  2. Jordy Kreller says:

    Tanya I am so glad this blog got you pumped up!!! It sounds like you have the right attitude and motivation needed to be successful in the gym!! :) Can’t wait to see you again and hope everything is going well! Keep it up! :)

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