Spotlight on Linda Berger

Greetings everyone! It’s Doug here and I’ve got a great success story to share with you. This story is about the stunning Linda Berger. She has realized some amazing results over the last while with her training.
You know Linda right? She is usually in for semi-private training on Tuesdays or Thursdays and also takes group training. Besides that she’s a beekeeper, runs a hobby farm, and supplies our gym members with the best eggs in the Okanagan Valley.

Way to go Linda!

Now before I tell you everything that Linda has achieved in a short amount of time I should back up and share with you her background. She first started at Okanagan Peak Performance Inc in hopes to get fit and lose weight. But, since then Linda has added to her goal. Years ago Linda and her mom registered to hike the West Coast Trail but due to an injury her mom had to cancel. Last year Linda’s mom was diagnosed with terminal illness and recently passed away. As part of her healing Linda decided she would hike the West Coast Trail in memory of her mom. She is just weeks away from achieving that goal.

When she first started coming to Okanagan Peak Performance Inc she only came twice. Then, in the second month, she started coming twice a week to group resulting in full commitment by the third month. “By the third month I was fully committed as I was starting to see results in how I felt.”
You see, Linda is someone who has overcome a few untimely obstacles. After the recent passing of her Mother and an ongoing cancer diagnosis, she has demonstrated remarkable determination to get healthy and fit. She’s pushing hard in her workouts and realized some great results including:

  • Melting 6 centimeters from her waistline (and continues to lose more!)
  • Rowing 100 km in the month of May (one of only 2 people to do this!)
  • Performing goblet squats with a 32 kg kettlebell (she started with 12 kg!)
  • Doing step-ups & a reverse lunge with 20 pounds (after starting with just bodyweight!)

She’s made the commitment to push forward and overcome her challenges. And it’s paying off!

Maybe some of you can relate to Linda in sharing similar challenges of your own such as low back pain, feeling intimidated, having an illness, or something else standing in the way of optimal health. However, even though Linda was presented with these challenges she still had the goal of tightening up her waistline and increasing her strength. She made an agreement with herself to achieve success.

Here is a lady that’s determined to get fit. And from this point on I’ve noticed a difference in how Linda carries herself. She’s showing confidence in her posture, and brightening our day’s up with her contagious smile.

I am extremely proud of Linda and what she’s achieved. While these are impressive results they are available to anyone who sets their mind to achieving success and gives it their all.

Way to go Linda! We are all proud of you and can’t wait to see what more you can achieve.

All the best,



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