Last Minute Christmas Fitness Gifts

This time of year used to be really bad for me. And I don’t mean in the sense of not getting in my training sessions or not following my meal plan. 

Instead I mean bad that I had left all of my holiday shopping until the last minute. And not only did I have no clue what to get everyone on my list it seemed like the malls and stores were the busiest they had ever been.

I’m sure there are a number of guys that are reading along right nodding their heads in agreement. You could see the anguished looks on our faces as we made laps around the mall getting no closer finding those last minute gifts.

Well I’m here to help you. Thanks to the following list, and maybe, you can knock off your shopping list in short order. Below are a number of Last Minute Christmas Fitness Gifts. While these don’t necessarily have to be for someone that is already uber-fit I might hold off on giving them to the new girlfriend. Your choice though.


Protein Pancakes – Who doesn’t like pancakes? And a quick way to make something good, better, is to punch up the protein. A favourite at our home is Kodiak Cakes made with coconut oil and then topped with jam or syrup.

Shaker Cups – We all know the importance of a post-workout shake. Especially if your goal is performance related. When you consider the loss of matching lids and the ones destroyed by milk from not being washed out soon enough afterwards, there is always a need for a new shaker cup. If you’re stuck to find one stop by Okanagan Peak Performance Inc and we’ll give you one.

Supplement – While this shouldn’t be the foundation of a healthy nutritional plan there are benefits to adding an omega-3, probiotic, some Vitargo, a protein bar or tub of protein powder to your gym bag.

Grocery Gift Card – The more you cook, the better you look. And in order to cook you need to make sure your fridge and pantry are fully stocked. Pick up a gift card at your friend or family member’s favourite grocery store.


Wireless Headphones – Some of the best workouts happen when we have our favourite tunes pumping and we feed off the beat. But sometimes cables get in the way and if you’re peeling off layers they can get tangled. Now you can be cool like every NFL player warming up before a football game with a pair of wireless headphones.

Wearable – There are a number of options here from the various brands with offerings from around $50 to well over $300. PC Mag did a great review of all the products available. Click here to have a read.

Program – For someone that is on the road or prefers to train at home maybe a fitness program would be a good idea. We have programs for hockey, marathon running, tough mudder and fat loss. Send us an email to if you’d like a copy.


Massage/Physio/Chiro – As you add more to your schedule in terms of training there are more needs for recovery. You can think of this akin to an accountant balancing a spreadsheet to make sure assets equal liabilities. In the same way when we add more to the training side of the page we want to make sure to add something to balance this out in terms of a massage, a physiotherapy or chiropractic appointment. For massage we like Vanessa Harris and Sandra Mowat. For physio I would try Wave or Third Space. And in terms of chiropractic check out Ben Stevens or Marc Nimchuk.


Footwear/Workout Wear – Who doesn’t love new training gear? You’ll need to sneak a peak in the closet of the person you’re buying for to figure out sizes. With shoes give some thought to whether the person is a runner or not? Do they play any court sports? Are they into power or Olympic lifting? Knowing the answers to these will give some idea as to not only what size of shoe will work for them but what style would suit their preferred sport or activity. Locally I would check out Fresh Air or Play. Both stores have great selections and service.

That’s it. I hope this saved you some time and helps put a smile on a loved one’s face this Christmas.





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