Chia Seeds Just Make Sense

You ever notice how some things in life just make sense?

And other things you can’t explain at all?

Take for example the rental car industry. You rent a car, complete the paper work and head out to the lot. The keys are already there when you arrive. And I did say ‘keys’ plural.

But does this make any sense?

Obviously it makes sense to have a spare key for your rental vehicle. But why would they be connected by a key chain that can’t be opened? Once you lock the keys in the car that second one really is useless. I’m not saying I’ve done this but it just doesn’t make sense.

Other things in life just seem like a natural fit.

Take for example when you come across a food that appears to hit on everything we would want in the diet. A food that is:

* high in omega-3

* a good source of fibre

* has some protein

* has anti-oxidant properties

*  has no sugar

* is relatively inexpensive

* stores and travels well

Now this is something that just makes sense. Can you guess what this food is?

It’s not fish because I said there was a good dose of fibre. Which also eliminates all animal based foods.

It’s not a fruit because there is no sugar.

Take a look below to see the answer.

Now there are 2 questions you probably asking yourself after seeing this picture.

1. Yes, we did have a rabbit problem here in Kelowna a few years ago.

2. No, the picture has nothing to do with the bottom of a rabbit cage.

Now that you’ve seen the picture do you know what the food is?

Yeah, that’s right. They’re chia seeds.

Like the pet? Yeah but it in commercial nutritional varieties it is marketed as Salvia Hispanica.

And as I mentioned above it is now commonly available as a food supplement. The nice thing about chia is that you get so many different nutrients in a small dose of the stuff. I don’t like it when I start taking a supplement and realize later I need to take 10 capsules or 5 tablespoons a day of something to get my requirement.

Other benefits of chia

A couple of other interesting benefits of this super seed are that it has some calcium and is gluten-free. In the product I use the calcium dose is not quite 100 mg which is not huge but it’s a little extra if I need it. And as for the product being gluten-free this is going to become more popular with time as a number of the ‘silent-celiacs’ out there finally become diagnosed with this disease.


I like this product because:

* It supplies many nutrients in one. I don’t have to take five different supplements in order to get a serving of omega-3, fibre, protein, some anti-oxindants and calcium.

* It is relatively inexpensive. The product I picked up was about $10 for 40 servings which at 25¢ per is a cheap add on to many meals.

* It is versatile. You can add it to hot or cold foods. You can mix it in with your shakes, salads or your oatmeal and any baking you do.

* It is portable. Liquid supplements can’t go on airplanes. Ones that require refrigeration don’t last. As a serving is only around a tablespoon it’s pretty to easy to take some with you on the road.

In the comments section let me know if you’ve tried chia seeds. If so, how do you eat them?

Chris                                                                                                                                                             ‘always moving forward’

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